• ASKING?....Latest obsessions

    12 Dec 2005, 19:37 by Destroyme

    When is the new deftones stuff coming out??
    What about Tool?

    mad about these bands......

    My latest obsessions---- Horse the band
    Hot cross
    Funeral diner
    DeftonesHORSE the bandFuneral DinerRaeinChiodosToolHot Cross
  • I just have to ask? albums this year?

    9 Dec 2005, 20:38 by Destroyme

    For me it's like Funeral Diner-The Underdark,Secret lives of the freemasons-this was built to make you dance,Minus the bear-Menos el oso...those are kinda' my favourites...I think I could come up with more though!..Funeral DinerMinus the BearSecret Lives Of The Freemasonsfirst ones to come into my mind!
  • Genre.

    8 Dec 2005, 03:22 by jean-michel

    Ok, now I'm SO fucking tired of all these genres. Emo, Metal, hardcore, post-hardcore and so on. Who decides what music a band plays? Seriously? God. Why even fight over what's what, as long as it's good it doesn'ät matter to me, i don't care if I listen to sissy Emo or if i'm a cool punker. Does it matter? As long as you enjoy what you are listening to. God >.<

    I like Senses Fail, The Used, Funeral for a Friend weither or not they're emo, as much as I enjoy Evanescence even if the "real metallers" say it's crap and not worthy the title metal. WHO FUCKING CARES?
  • TOP ALBUMS for me ever

    2 Dec 2005, 13:32 by Destroyme

    3.At the drive-in-Relationship of command
    4.Finch-What it is to burn
    5.Funeral Diner-The underdark
    6.Deftones-White Pony
    8.Glassjaw-everything you ever wanted to know about silence
    10.Secret lives-This was built to make you dance
    11.Minus the bear-Menos el oso
    13.HORSE the band-R.Borlax
    14.Coheed and Cambria-In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth
    15.Otep-House of secrets
    16.Circle takes the square-As the roots undo
    17.Pink Floyd-Animals
    18.Deftones-Around the fur
    19.Coal Chamber-Chamber music
    20.Atreyu-The curseAlexisonfireFuneral DinerDeftonesToolGlassjawAt the Drive-In
  • PANIC! At The Disco - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

    15 Nov 2005, 23:10 by Sylviofurtado

    PANIC! At The Disco - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

    Another great album by a new band... Just listened to it a couple of times, another great entry at the so-called emo tag! Great vocals in a very nice produced LP, with the best song titles ever... 8/10

    and i can´t understand why it´s being bashed by all critics... pitchfork gave 1.5, allmusic 2 stars only... and my opinions always check with them... fuck them all..
  • Korn - Eaten Up Inside: new korn ... new fans

    26 Oct 2005, 03:51 by Koven

    When this morning i checked my mail, i couldnt believe my eyes!, on the regular newsletter i get from CONNECT Music Store i saw that there was a new Korn release available in the store... the song is called Eaten Up Inside featured as part of The Other Side Part I along with some remixes of Twisted Transistor i was kinda exceptic about this song, but im really impressed .. IS AMAZING!!! yeah Korn did a good job with this, lets wait to hear the new album i hope it will rock!
  • The All-American Rejects - Move Along

    8 Sep 2005, 23:05 by Staatsfeind

    I didn't know the band 2 weeks ago, just never took the time to listen to any of their songs. Now I happened to own the album Move Along and it's pretty good, some songs are really outstanding. The basic point I'm into with music are the lyrics, and some on the cd are just really great, such as It Ends Tonight or my personal favorite Dance Inside.
    It's mainly typical punk with good hooks, good guitar playing and very good singing, so just check this album out, it's really worth a try!
  • Senses Fail - Let It Enfold You

    8 Sep 2005, 13:09 by Staatsfeind

    What is it with that album? I just don't get it somehow, on the discussions really piss me off, that's why I'm writing here about it.
    One thing first: Senses Fail is NOT a christian band! If you think so, take a close look at their homepage and see for yourself. I can't stand those "Rock for Jesus" idiots on, do they have to tell anyone what anyone doesn't want to know?

    But back to topic, Let It Enfold You is by far the best album I've listened to so far. Despite of what many idiots say, the lyrics aren't mainly about killing your loved ones... take a closer listen!
    When I listened to the album the first time I thought it being quite mediocre, nothing special except for Bite To Break Skin which caught my attention at first, but after some more closer listening I just loved the music, the singer's somehow "strange" sounding voice and the very good screaming parts are just something you won't forget. It's one of those bands you could easily name if you get to hear a song you don't know already, they just don't sound like any other band.

    After listening to it some times, the only thing I would recommend would be more screaming, kinda like Silverstein.

    Just check this album out, you won't regret!
  • Silverstein just did it

    1 Sep 2005, 12:21 by Staatsfeind

    The new album Discovering the Waterfront fromSilverstein has just somehow got my attention, and yet I can't stop listening to it.
    It's just great stuff they recorded there!
    Especially the song Always and Never is running nearly all the time on my stereo, it's one of the best songs I've ever heard. Not to forget the rest of the album, it's just great and way better than When Broken Is Easily Fixed