Please explain difference between styles EBM Industrial

    • Joskun said...
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    • 31 Mar 2011, 06:16

    Please explain difference between styles EBM Industrial

    I'm new to the scene and would like some help in identifying the different styles like EBM industrial, dark wave, electro and more
    Like point out the details and maybe give me some song example.
    thanks in advance ya'll ;)

  • It would take far too long to explain all the different genres to you. My advice, listen to Combichrist, Nine Inch Nails, and :Wumpscut: first before delving too far into it. You'll be an elitist before you know it. But in the meantime, google them. The internet is a wonderful place to learn.

  • @Menschdefekt - Why would you point out the most mundane and pedestrian of bands to illustrate the differences in genres?

    @Joskun - Modern fans have some odd assumptions and illusions of what constitutes different genres. A lot of newer fans tend to lump everything under the terms "industrial" or "EBM" as a catchall when really those classifications have traditional meanings.

    I'll try to give you the correct definitions so that you can start out on the right foot and perhaps influence your peers to use the proper definitions, and on at least, the correct tags.

    - The most often incorrectly used term, most listeners just group anything with any dark electronic elements as industrial, making it the catchall term for everything and thus an imprecise term. The term should be reserved for the original definition: those bands associated with the label Industrial Records started in the late 70's by the influential experimental band Throbbing Gristle and coming to include such other notable acts as SPK (Sozialistisches Patientenkollektiv, Surgical Penis Klinik), Cabaret Voltaire, Monte Cazazza and the first incarnation of Clock DVA. These bands employed experimental song structures, unconventional sounds (construction equipment, metal drums), and early electronic synthesizers to craft music that broke with standard format and inspired successors to incorporate an almost punk, DIY attitude into electronic music. These initial bands spawned a host of immediate successors (Einstürzende Neubauten, Psychic TV, Coil, Foetus, Current 93 and more) and a variety of musical genre offshoots.

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