Hard, dark electro breaks

    • evilbyte said...
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    • 10 May 2006, 20:12

    Hard, dark electro breaks

    I've been hooked on Anthony Rother for months, listening to the same tunes over and over again. I can't seem to find anything else that sounds like his stuff, or even approaches it. Any ideas?

  • well there are many tracks that sound like his,
    but you wont find a whole album of em. you gotta search
    on different albums.
    or you can just snatch the datapunk compilations to get a hint or two

    • evilbyte said...
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    • 23 Jul 2006, 22:43
    this is what I'm learning ... I have been finding similar artists and finding the occasional track or two from those albums that approach Rother's work in style


  • dark break/electro stuff maybe:

    cursor miner 2004
    few radioactive man hits 2001-2004
    few evil nine
    octagon man but its more techie
    adam freeland from 2002

    kill two mutants with one
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