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  • Hey if you like club. electro, and electronic rock checkout my songs. Thank you to all of you who listen to my music.

    • RomanoC said...
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    • 19 Dec 2010, 15:35

    Upcoming DJ

    Hey People Please Join My Facebook Fan Page And Download Some Of My Mixes Its All Free. . . Fan Page Is " Romano Rimzy ( MC ) "

  • Austrian Post-Electronic, Ambient

    The Flood Runner
    interesting stuff.

    • skim365 said...
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    • 21 Feb 2011, 18:03

    Snowbound - techno/chillwave/dubstep

    Check it out (made with FL Studio 9):

  • Electronic music without computer

    Tri EP Alexeï Kawolski
    on Itune, myspace, facebook and you tube.

  • Light and beautifil dream pop music

    Guitar, keys and space effects.
    Thank you all for listening
    Satellite Dreams
    Satellite Dreams

    Be careful, dreams come true
  • Home Pc Produced.

    Hey lots of cool tunes here. We have some new song's out TheTrees for anyone interested, you can hear them free here Tracy's House Greenhills we hope you enjoy :)

  • Free EP for electronic music fan and voters for me in TPMA

    Hey Electronic music makers + fans,

    I'm going around asking for anyone who reads this to take 5 minutes to vote for my song "Lost". It would mean the world to a man who spends all his time locked up in a room writing music.

    In return for your generosity I will be giving away not only the track Lost, but also my new release "Visual EP", a collection of some of my soundtrack works. You can download both at:

    If you need any help with the voting process on the site(they don't make it easy) here's some instructions PM me if you need any help!

    Step 1) you have to register at, they'll send you your password via email

    Step 2) go to my page

    Step 3) click vote, then in the new window, click 1 and perhaps leave a comment if you really enjoy it!

    jc harnell

  • New Swedish Electronic Music

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 7 May 2011, 19:57

    I AM DJ DENZITY from Brescia , ITALY . Welkome

    HI , Party People , nice Look from "STUDIO Label" of DJ Denzity

    Visit STORE Sector for Music by the Author - DJ FABY -

    Have a nice Look .

    • adixczz said...
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    • 6 Jun 2011, 12:16
  • Free Downloads on Electro/pop

    A Fresh New Something: An indie mellopop/electro band, working on their first EP. Four tracks posted for FREE DOWNLOAD.
    All are rough cut, but Cross My Heart and Breathe are actually worth listening to.

    Always Seeking Stars
  • My channel !

    Willi Tiffos
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 18 Jul 2011, 14:36

    Among Lights - Electronica, downtempo, chill

  • Feel like you need a real party!!!check out Serialism@ Watergate,Berlin 03.08

    Meet Serialism Records @ Watergate Berlin the 03.08 with Inxec (live), sierra sam (live), Cesare vs Disorder, Pablo Tarno, Charly Delhom...the best crew reunited again, BE THERE!

  • [SER010] Jin Choi - Full Range EP (with Maceo Plex Remixes)

    Artist: Jin Choi with Maceo Plex Remix
    Title: Full Range EP
    Format: Vinyl / Digital
    Label: Serialism Records
    Release: June 20 2011

    Jin Choi is a musician, producer, DJ and live artist based in Berlin, Germany. Equally focused on groove and melodic structures, his music fuses electronic and naturalistic sounds to move the head and body. Once coined modern minimal, Choi's productions are equal parts emotion, melody and rhythm. "Full Range" is his first release on SerialismRecords, the London/Berlin label run by Cesare Marchese (Cesare vs Disorder) & Federico Benedetti (Onirik).

    In a recent interview, Choi described himself as a Burial loving music-nerd who is simply trying to create his own musical language. He has released on Lessizmore, Contexterrior, RomanPhoto & Archipel, to name a few. For SER10, he joins forces with Maceo Plex (aka Maetrik, the moniker he saves for his darker techno productions) to do just that.Most known for his recent revered deep-house single, "Vibe Your Love" on Crosstown, Plex makes the release theperfect late-night tool.

    First up is "Full Range", a dubby tech-house number with ominous and increasingly glitchy repetitive vocals that remind the listener of what Choi seems to already know - "music is the universal language, music is no longer irrelevant".

    Next, "Half Baked", the EP's star, manages to perfectly fuse industrial sounds with melody making a blissed-out, deep-house track. Mysterious squeaks, hisses and factorial inner workings provide the backdrop while warm time-stretched freestyle vocals guide us through the production. This track gets the most attention with two different remixes by Maceo Plex. The Groove Remix is a darker, more up-tempo affair providing the groove needed to make this the perfect peak-time track for a late-night tipsy sway on the dancefloor. Pitched down, looped vocals and driving synths provide the anchor. The Deep Remix is around 9-minutes of Chicago house inspired sounds layered with snappy high hats and emotive chords. The EP also comes complete with an extended edit of Half Baked.

    Rounding out the EP is "Red Day". A jazzy production that shows off Choi's ability at mixing the machine with the heart; wrench-like clinking and clattering punctuate the melancholy (yet upbeat) progression of the track while the melody twists, bends and whirls.

    A1. Full Range
    B1. Half Baked (Vinyl Edit)
    B2. Half Baked (Maceo Plex Deep Remix)
    Half Baked (Maceo Plex Groove Remix) – Digital Only
    Half Baked (Extended Edit) - Digital Only
    Red Day – Digital Only ... maceo-plex

    Where to buy it: ... l/id/40828

  • [SPNT007] City of the Asleep - Transcendissonance

    City of the Asleep - Transcendissonance
    split-notes microtonal netlabel
    Free release mp3 / ogg / flac

    In the realm of microtonality, absolutes are non-existent, and common practice theory offers no light to guide the composer. What little theory there is comes from the science of psychoacoustics, from researchers seeking to generalize and quantify "consonance". This consonance-centric view is a siren for seemingly all the bewildered musicians who find themselves adrift in the uncharted waters of microtonality, and many have heeded its call only to run aground and founder indefinitely in an unmusical limbo. Igliashon Jones, the man behind City of the Asleep, has long been a voice against the worship of consonance, and with "Transcendissonance" he has sought to put his objections into music.

    On this album, Igliashon makes use of a variety of tunings designed to be as theoretically dissonant as possible, with shockingly pleasant results. Within the confines of tunings such as 11, 13, and 18-EDO, 180-cent equal tuning, and a host of unequal mathematically-derived scales, Igliashon weaves complex tapestries of harmony and melody that are truly xenharmonic. Though experimental in nature, this album is anything but academic; in keeping with the typical City of the Asleep style, "Transcendissonance" is a genre-defying electronic gruel of stuttering glitch, melodic electronica, expansive post-rock, and thumping techno (to name a few ingredients). Though the tunings are a central focus of the album, this is music that can be appreciated by the most casual of listeners, further proving that theoretical dissonance is no deterrent to writing accessible music.

    split-notes microtonal netlabel |

  • DJ Saint-Hubert


    I make abstract/experimental electronic music.

  • Check out :)

    Intrigue new tracks here
    bandcamp music video include album!

  • Experimental/Electronic Tracks

  • electronic | idm | experimental | synth

    loementech (*1981) is an electronic musician from germany. He appears on different underground labels like sikq or SanguineAddiction. He experiments with strange instruments, beats and sounds and creates so his unique, dark and melancholic music. He started making music 2002 and founded with dit60regedit the group sick soul space heaters.
    Now it’s time for loementech’s solo debut on The music is free to download so enjoy the music and leave a shout for the artist!

  • Indaba Remix Voting

    Please vote for this amazing artist over at Indaba's Usher remix contest. <3 gemNeye - Climax Remix

    • DjeMBeY said...
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    • 9 Jun 2012, 11:20

    check me out @

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