• GOABASE_BERLIN Worldwide !!!

    18 Feb 2011, 19:09 by CrAzY_LiSteNer

    this is a new group to discover the Psytrance & Goa Feeling all around the world .

    lots of informations about Goa, Fullmoon Partys and great dancy music for all who like it and wanna have fun !!!

    This group is a *Peace & Love all over the World Group *... you are welcome...

    Happy Fullmoon ! Have fun ;-) Feel free and join....

    kisses ChrisTne :DBiBer

  • Tag-Radios !!!

    21 Jan 2011, 17:51 by CrAzY_LiSteNer

    Dear Friends of Lastfm Music !
    What is a Tag-Radio ? I want to help you to enjoy more music here on Lastfm !
    Everyone can tag a song with his own techno,electro or myfav, lovesong...etc.
    If 2 or more persons tag a song with the same word they create a Radio for all....
    If there is only one person who create his own tag radio nobodyelse can hear it !
    So if you want to hear Tag-Radios of Friends..use the same tag and you will enjoy the music of your friends radios !
    If you have questions...ask me ;-)
    Let´s Party and enjoy more music ;-)

    kisses ChrisTne :D Berlin
  • Crazy hats ;-)

    15 Nov 2010, 19:25 by CrAzY_LiSteNer

    Hi my friends....I will try to make a bit fun in these wet & cold days of November!

    Here are my favorite crazy hats !

    Please tell me which you like most ...You also can recommend me pics of crazy hats...

    Hey let´s have a bit fun in winter...;-)

    1. Model Elton`s Glasses

    2.Model High Heels on Top

    3. Model Rose Rouge St. Tropez

    4. Model Flowerspooner

    5. Model CrAzY LiSteNer

    Enjoy and see the creativity...or Laugh Your Ass Off ;-)

    ChrisBerlin ;-)