• Edward Maya has 3 nominations at Romanian Music Awards 2010 !

    4 Jun 2010, 06:51 by CrusaderKnight1

    He was nominated for the "best song" and for the "best new act" with "Stereo Love"... But this is not all... There is another song composed by him in the
    "best new act" section - "Liviu Hodor feat. Tara - Happy for You"

    For more information please visit :

    You can vote your favorite romanian artist/song : here .
  • Here`s a pretty nice article that BBC Radio 1 wrote about Edward Maya

    26 May 2010, 12:50 by CrusaderKnight1

    Edward Maya - Romania's new dance star?

    "Picture your average student and you probably think of a mop haired, noodle eating couch potato.

    Well you've obviously never met Edward Maya then - a 23-year-old student from Bucharest who's currently one of the hottest rising pop-dance artists on the continent and is growing in popularity here in the UK.

    His single Stereo Love (featuring Vika Jigulina) went to number two in his home country's charts last year and looks like taking over British airwaves this summer. He might have a huge sleeper hit on his hands" ...
  • " Stereo Love " nr. 2 on BBC Radio 1 Top DanceSingles !!!

    24 May 2010, 11:26 by CrusaderKnight1

  • "Stereo Love" 4th place in BBC UK Chart

    22 May 2010, 12:39 by CrusaderKnight1

    Edward Maya's "Stereo Love" feat. Vika Jigulina became one of the most loved songs worldwide. As a new entry with only one week in chart, "Stereo love" reached the 4th place in the BBC Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart, beating off artists such as Usher, Plan B, Kelis or Christina Aguilera.

  • Stereo Love - No 1 in the main charts

    15 May 2010, 14:25 by CrusaderKnight1

    Edward Maya is breaking strong into the international charts once more. “Stereo Love” was the first song to hit the top of the charts, beating off artists such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, David Guetta or The Black Eyed Peas. Edward Maya's first release as an artist, "Stereo Love", hit No 2 on the Romanian charts and has spent 6 weeks in the European Billboard Top 5, peaking at No 2, becoming later no 1 in the most important charts of the world. The song continues to average 38 million views on YouTube and once released, the artist can`t be stopped now from seducing every dancefloor worldwide.
  • "Stereo Love" nominated for the best song of the year @ Balkan Music Awards 2010!

    15 Apr 2010, 11:32 by CrusaderKnight1


    On 30 March 2010 Balkanika Music Television officially announced the nominations for the First Balkan Music Awards. The Nominations Ceremony took place in Sofia Live Club in Sofia and was honored by dozens of composers, producers and music journalists. The nominations in all categories were presented that night, including the nominations for “Best Song on the Balkans” from every country participating in the competition.

    The lines for SMS voting for the category “Best Song on the Balkans from” every country will be open until 17 April. The winning song from every country will compete with other finalists-by-country on the Awards Ceremony on 16 May 2010 in Sofia.

    For all other categories – “Best Male Artist”, “Best Female Artist”, “Best Duet/Group”, “Best Music Video” – the audience can vote online in Balkanika’s re-launched website: .

    This year’s award for Exceptional Contribution Balkanika will award to the Greek icon Anna Vissi. The award is given to artists who have contributed a lot to popularizing and developing the music from the Balkans throughout their careers.
  • Edward Maya - Download

    8 Apr 2010, 09:46 by CrusaderKnight1

    Here are some songs I downloaded from the Edward Maya's official website and from YouTube using "Download Helper" (a Mozilla Firefox add-on).
    Download link : .

    DISCLAIMER: I do not own any rights. If you like Edward Maya's songs please buy his upcoming album. This content is not intended to be a replacement for the media stores, rather it allows you to listen/watch and make an educated purchase.
  • Edward Maya - TOUR and EVENTS

    7 Apr 2010, 15:14 by CrusaderKnight1

    DATE ------------------- TITLE -------------------- CITY / COUNTRY

    07.04.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Beirut - Lebanon
    08.04.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Beirut - Lebanon
    10.04.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour "...........Baku - Azerbaijan
    14.04.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........London - UK
    16.04.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".......Lausanne - Switzerland
    17.04.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour "...Clermont Ferrand - France
    23.04.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour "..........Poland
    24.04.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour "..........Reims - France
    08.05.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour "..........Athens - Greece
    14.05.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Adma - Lebanon
    16.05.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Balkanian Awards
    20.05.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
    21.05.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Sao Paulo - Brazil
    22.05.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Brasilia - Brazil
    27.05.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
    28.05.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Porto Alegre - Brazil
    29.05.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Belo Horizonte - Brazil
    12.06.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Belgium
    02.07.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Montreal - Canada
    07.07.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Palermo - Italy
    09.07.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........North Coast - Egypt
    17.07.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour "..........France
    24.07.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Porto - Portugal
    25.07.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Porto - Portugal
    27.07.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Porto - Portugal
    31.07.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Cagliari - Sardinia
    28.08.2010....Maya 's Show -- "This Is My Life Tour ".........Cologne - Germany

    For more details please visit : .
  • New Album coming soon...

    30 Mar 2010, 17:30 by CrusaderKnight1

    EDWARD MAYA - Stereo Love


    1. Stereo Love
    2. This is My Life
    3. Desert Rain
    4. Mono In Love
    5. City Lights
    6. Twinheart
    7. Missing You
    8. Next Door
    9. Wish I Can Stay Longer
    10. The Sazz
    11. My Litle Story
    12. Free
    13. Stereo Love (Official Remix)
    14. This is My Life (Official Remix)
    15. My Dreams Miss You (Bonus Track)
    16. My Song is Love (Bonus Track)
    17. Stereo Love (Acustic Version)
    18. This is My Life (Acustic Version)