Angst, Alienation, Existentialism

  • Angst, Alienation, Existentialism

    With the breakdown of tonality and the problems of modern society, music at this time became intensely subjective and troubled. How much of this is owed to thinkers like Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, etc ? Is there room for an 'existential' understanding of modern music, as opposed to the popular formal critique which takes the composer out of a work ? How important are the events of a composer's life to their works ?

  • well, focusing on the earliest era of the modern music, there is a place for kind expressionist composers in the philosophical prespective of existentialism.
    Frankly, I think Mahler is the best pro-example in this matter. Mahler used his works to express what his life and words couldnt, as he remarked several times. His symphonies, as he divided them, are dedicated to his existence and attraction to nature, religion, conception and the universe. From the first symphony- the Titan, as he named it, untill the "Das Lied von der Erde".

    But- In my opinion, except Mahler and some, few, others, music is an engimatic indvidual. each and every piece must be looked as a piece- itself, without and refrence or authoritical personatlities or such.

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    A Pox on the New Musicology

    Music is music, philosophy is philosophy, and never the twain should meet. With all the damage existentialism has done to Western societies, I have no desire to further wind its tentacles into one of my great passions.

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