Obscured By Clouds and Others

  • Obscured By Clouds and Others

    'Obscured By Clouds' is quickly becoming one of my favorite Pink Floyd albums, well, next to the typical faves of 'The Wall', 'Darkside', 'Wish You Were Here', and 'Momentary Lapse of Reason'. The two songs 'Obscured By Clouds' and 'When You're In' are my top favorite of that said album with 'Free Four' a close third. If I hear 'Obscured' I just have to listen to 'When You're In', the two seem to mesh so well together! I'm relatively new to the older PF songs so I'm not wholly in the know, but I do have a few songs from several of the older albums like 'A Saucerful of Secrets', 'Piper at the Gate', 'Meddle', 'Ummagumma', and 'Animals'.

    What's everyone's favorites on 'Obscured'?


    Obscured By Clouds or More?? Which is the best soundtrack??? Obscured By Clouds it's perfect..it's very heavy songs like Obscured By Clouds and When you're In are the essential of the album but More have got Ibiza Bar and the Nile Songs and are perfect too..But if I were to choose which is the best soundtrack I select More

  • It's a toss up. Obscured by Clouds is a little more song centric than More is. Burning bridges, Mudmen and Wots..uh the deal? are my faves.
    My favorite songs on More are Cymbaline, The Nile Song and Green is the Colour.

    While we're talking about soundtracks, what about Zabriskie point? i know it wasn't just Floyd but the songs thay contributed were super sweet.:
    Crumbling Land
    Come in number 51, your time is up
    unknown Song
    Love Scene Version 4

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