A little intro and how long you listened to Bowie...

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    • 10 Jul 2008, 00:34

    A little intro and how long you listened to Bowie...

    First of all, thank you for joining, this, my 3rd group. I created some groups in a couple of days, for the hell of it, my first groups after being a subscriber to LastFm for 2 years.

    I am 36 years old, born in Transylvaniam modern day Romania. I am ethnically Hungarian, which is a significant minority in Romania. But this ain't a history or geography lesson ;) I moved to the Unted States of America 23 years ago.

    I have "seriously" been listening to David Bowie since circa 1990. Of course, I have been 'aware' of him long before that, being born in 1971, but as a kid and teenager, i was a metalhead, later a punk and hardcore fan (late 1980's). But as i grew, started playing bass guitar, which opened my eyes to different styles of music, and a greater appreciation of all styles. Nowadays, I liten to everything, all depending on my mood.

    Save the innevitable "favorite early David Bowie album" for that thread ;)

  • Hey there

    I think this group is funny and perfect for me because I love ziggy and in fact everything Bowie has ever done until (and including) Scary Monsters.

    I've been listening since I was small a kid, in the early 80's. He was my first (music) love :) and still has a special place in my musical preferences, even if I'm not familiar with his most recent work.

    So early Bowie is Good Bowie, indeed!

  • intro

    i started getting into the man's music at the age of 13 way back in the early 70s the single ganges had just come in the british charts bowie was some what diffrant from other artist of the time who is this man i said to myself lets get more music of he's so i did and wow i went bowie mad when i was a teenager poster's all over my wall dye'd my hair orange my mum thougt i was gay amazing times i have still got my bowie and the spiders gig ticket from 1973 i listen to lots of bowie still these days LOVE IT

  • Early bowie influence

    I loved Bowie as a young boy growing up circa 1970 onwards. My first Album was 'Aladin Sane' quickly followed up with others, such as Ziggy/ Space oddity/ Hunky Dory/ Man who sold the world etc...
    Loved Scary Monsters so much I bought two copies!
    loved his songs and his vocals though lyrically a bit hard to interpret (at times)......laterly though I dispair at his warbling vocal technique. Still an interesting artist though and influenced my singing style for sure!

  • Now i'm 17, i love Bowie since i was 6 ... for me is the best artist in all the world, he influenced a lot of artist ... i'm trying to know how much is possible about him

    Time, is waiting in the wings, is speak the sensless things, this script is you and me, boy.
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