• Three Musicians; Three Days; One Magnificent Obsession (MOVIE)

    6 Sep 2014, 05:03 by BlueCanoe

    Take a journey into the creative minds of one of the most adventurous bands of today. The RockTronix capture on film the birth and evolution of their band including in depth interviews, unedited rehearsal footage, live performances and a full length music video.

    WATCH the Trailer (The RockTronix-Magnificent Obsession)

    The RockTronix came together for the NAMM Bass Bash in 2013. They are a collaborative project drawing from the vast experience of Joseph Patrick Moore on bass (Stewart Copleland, Earl Klugh, Colonel. Bruce Hampton), Wayne Viar on drums (David Crowder, Bo Bice from American Idol) and Chris Blackwell on guitars (Geoff Mcbride, Trina Braxton, Jennifer Holiday). The film gives viewers an inside track on marrying music, video and the art of life by musicians that have much to say. By recording Magnificent Obsession in three days, the resulting product stands out with bottomless improvisation and spontaneous expression of musical ideas.

    The group's chemistry is self-evident in The Magnificent Obsession Movie. Commenting on the powerful group dynamic, Mr. Moore says, "Music is a language. Without true collaboration, you're just talking to yourself". The movie shows the streaming of ideas between three veteran musicians and super-engineer Rush Anderson. Rush has worked in the studio or live with such superstars as Steve Morse (Deep Purple), Jimmy Herring (Widespread Panic) and jazz legend John McLaughlin (Miles Davis) to name a few. His vast experience and depth is palpable in the resulting tones and the quality of the production. His is a rare talent.

    The diversity of the band's vision is particularly evident in the full length video for the song “When I Become A Butterfly” and “The Calling” contained in the film. Aside from the band's obvious classic rock influences, the evidence of classic alternative, electronica, jam band and even 60s era psychedelic rock. Rocktronix is a jazzy explosion of musical influences that just feels right. Magnificent Obsession the Movie grants the audience an opportunity to see how real collaboration comes together from embryonic ideas to aural and visual art.

    We all have a story to tell...and this is one of obsession...a Magnificent Obsession.
  • May I introduce myself....:-)

    25 Jun 2013, 00:23 by JJoherl

    Hello...I'm fairly new to and also this group..:-)...but, I'm a bassist & composer/producer of original & instrumental Jazz-Latin-Pop-Funk-Fusion music flavors and it would be cool if you gave my tracks a listen & maybe comment too!..:-)
    If you like you can also conncect with me on various (social) websites...just look up the links on my profile...thanks & a happy New Year 2014!!..JJ

    Jürgen Joherl

    "Echoes Of Joni"
    ReverbNation * Profile
  • Movin' Up

    20 Dec 2011, 21:51 by RussSargeant

    Movin' Up is my first proper studio track in what seems like one heck of a long time. Free to download. Hope you enjoy it, and have a great Christmas break!
  • Joseph Patrick Moore submerges into the world of electro-jazz

    15 Dec 2011, 19:54 by BlueCanoe

    Blue Canoe Records have released "XYZ Factor" from bassman, Joseph Patrick Moore. This bold, uber-current effort fuses elements of contemporary jazz, for which Mr. Moore is famous, with electronica and the delivery is a fresh and relevant EP that will appeal to his current fans and fans of electronica alike. In the same vein as artists BT , Owl City and Moby, Mr. Moore hits the listener with a smooth, irrepressible experience that encourages listeners to use the repeat function.

    Joseph Patrick Moore is a prolific jazz, pop and rock musician as well as producer, session musician, film composer and author. He has worked with artists such as Stewart Copeland (The Police), Earl Klugh, Chris Duarte and Bob James to name a few. "XYZ Factor" is fresh on the release of "To Africa With Love" where Mr. Moore coupled its release with a mission trip to Africa where he got involved on the front line of support for The Kingdom of Swaziland.

    The three song EP "XYZ Factor" starts with "Yield", an ambient electronic beat backed by Mr. Moore's signature bass tone. The haunting melody sticks with the listener long after the song resolves and is supported by a bubbling beat that forces feet to move.

    "Xanadu", the second track, begins with a mysterious, synthesized mood that moves from left to right. The beat gently settles in and the echo of a dreamy voice calls from above. By the time the melody falls in, the addictive beat is ingratiated into your subconscious. From classical strings to ambient keys to contemporary jazz melody, this electronic hallucination is not to be missed.

    "XYZ Factor" rounds off with the full-tilt "Zig Zag Zoom". Mr. Moore infuses pop melody lines over the Owl City like beat to create a dance party right from "Play".

    "XYZ Factor" is co-produced by Buzz Amato (Curtis Mayfield, Ben E. King) as player, producer, composer and arranger coupled with Mr. Moore's bass stylings and production. This EP is a cerebral experience that punches to the core of today's electronic scene. Joseph Patrick Moore manages to stay ahead of trends in his pursuit of bringing worlds together through music. "XYZ Factor" is a must-listen for fans that love jazz, electronica and all points in between.
  • Movement

    1 Dec 2011, 21:48 by bertrand-escaff

    Hi !

    Group Zeru ta Lur

    Artist Zeru ta Lur / Cérou ta Lourre, Zeru ta Lur, Cérou ta Lourre, Cérou ta Loure...

    Pronounciation Thay-roota loorrr

    Founder artist Zuhurbelea


    Other brand new groups :

    For artists and new projects, for cold wave fans or just curious :

    Cold Wave Revival

    If you want to have a band classified in thematic and alphabetic list :

    Afterpunk Directory

    Be welcome, and for news to share, historical cold/new wave description of your region and its styles, thank you for sharing it in :


    See you, cheers :-)
  • Joy Divisial Bureau of Investigation

    30 Nov 2011, 22:19 by bertrand-escaff

    Hi !

    Hands up. You have the right to keep silent.

    If you prefer to speak loud, you can contribute to the Global Enquiry for collecting the list of Bands Known or Obscure who Sound like Joy Division especially concerning the rythmical section .

    So, I ask you for the last time : which bands do you know with a big round obsessive rythm ?

  • They all saw The Sex Pistols live & made bands, we listen to the bands & forget…

    29 Nov 2011, 18:43 by bertrand-escaff

    They all saw The Sex Pistols live & made bands, we listen to the bands & forget home-made friendly local new wave !

    Passive ? Active ? A question of era and comfort, maybe...

    Regional news ? Evolution of bands and styles in your town ? Underrated bands you know ?

    >>> Fanzine : write a short wiki (even "non"-neutral : special authorization) + links to samples, then share the link to your thread / article with your friends.
    Indie, electro, post-punk, psyche, mod, funky, ethereal, pop, transe, dream, doom, punk, stoner... All thing other than L. Gaga & sponsored stuff !

    And... Suggest connexions. Cheers :-)
  • Arts and society : historical relationship.

    29 Nov 2011, 17:17 by bertrand-escaff


    What changes happened in your region under the influence of an art, either music or other arts..?
    Did you see it, or did you hear testimonies ?

  • Zeru ta Lur y Los Chichos : contra la anorexia musical !..

    27 Nov 2011, 23:26 by bertrand-escaff

  • New track - 'For The Turning'

    31 Oct 2010, 18:28 by RussSargeant

    I've uploaded a new track For The Turning . It features me playing my fretless 6-string bass. The track was recorded in one take using live looping and effects. I'm now getting to know my looping setup quite well and look forward to playing my first live gig using this setup in November in Colchester - Russ Sargeant supporting Nick Harper at the Headgate Theatre Nov 13

    I hope you enjoy the track.
    Peace, Russ