• Dylan is On Tour

    1 Apr 2006, 00:55 by Headphase

    The celebration of the continuation of Dylans 'Never Ending Tour,' starts today. As this will be the fourth tour I will be enjoying seeing Bobby on stage, I will initiate my Bob Dylan marathon which I conduct at the beginning of each tour. Not sure why I am posting a journal about this, but perhaps it is because I have had a bit too much Carlo Rossi at too early of an hour. Nevertheless, I begin with Freewheelin' and highlight my personal favorites until he takes stage tomorrow night, and of course I will have a glass of burgundy raised in his direction. With this glass, I remember all the great songs and shows Dylan has performed for us and all the lyrics he has burned into the back of our memories.

  • If I had to choose 10 songs that would describe my feelings about life on this…

    11 Dec 2005, 18:16 by mbop75

    1. Woodstock-Joni Mitchell
    2. Let it be-The Beatles
    3. Nights in White Satin-Moody Blues
    4. Thank You-Led Zeppelin
    5. Wish You Were Here-Pink Floyd
    6. Live to Tell-Madonna
    7. Oh, Sister-Bob Dylan
    8. American Tune-Simon and Garfunkel
    9. Riders on the Storm-The Doors
    10. Imagine-John Lennon

    P.S. It's funny that half of these songs have been covered by Tori live in concert. I swear we have the same outlook on life overall. Which is comforting in a way...What are yours?
  • Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Genius

    2 Dec 2005, 23:08 by Shak1980

    ‘And every one of them words rang true
    And glowed like burnin' coal
    Pourin' off of every page
    Like it was written in my soul from me to you’

    If like me you love music and Bob Dylan (in my opinion there go hand in hand) your recognise the words above. The above is a snippet from what many consider another song but it perfectly describes how l feel about Dylan’s words.
    You can read his words written on a page and not only are there some of the most important song’s ever written there are also some the important words ever written. In my humble opinion he ranks along side Shakespeare, Hemmingway, Tennessee Williams , Marlowe and Rowling (ok that last ones a joke) but you get what I mean. Putting on my ‘if l ruled the world hat on for a second’ he would be taught in every school he would be on every curriculum alongside the greatest writers of all time (it’s good to be king). Much like Shakespeare it is Dylan’s versatility that impresses me the most he can write about any emotion the human form can feel he can bring you to tears and he can make you laugh, he wrote songs at the age of 21(Blowin in the wind, Masters of War, Oxford Town, Hard Rain) that are not only still relevant now nearly 45 years later, but seem way beyond the capabilities of someone of his age. In fact another great civil rights anthem of the time‘A Change is Gonna Come’ was written in response to ‘Blowin in the Wind’ because Sam Cooke couldn’t believe that a man of his age or colour could write such a song, but that is Dylan genius he taps into human emotion and that’s what makes writers great there ability to tap into emotions that will always be relevant and that’s why there live forever. But it isn’t just the meaning of his music that makes Dylan the craftsman’s he is, it is sheer poetry and his use of words and that’s what truly ranks him amongst the greats l could sit here and here now and give you example after example of Bob’s poetic words but you could never truly know what l mean until you hear it with his voice and shut off everything else around you and just listen, but not just listen - Hear him, hear the words and through those words you will hear the genius that is Bob Dylan.