The best dub song??

  • The best dub song??

    Mine is ...I actually have to take two songs:

    Dreadzone - Life, Love and Unity
    Dual Tone - Dub Massacre

    • chelvis said...
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    • 6 Nov 2004, 09:40

    my pics

    phillip smart - drifter dub #4 - dub chill out CD
    scientist - plaugue of zombies - ... rids the world of the curse of the evil vampires CD


    - Chelvis
    • Pavlo said...
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    • 7 Nov 2004, 11:17
    Horace Andy - Problems dub

  • One all of you really should check out is:

    King Tubby - Flag Dub

    Best bass line ever eh..

    music to rock the nation! the lee "scratch" perry group. aight!
  • hard decision

    artist: brain damage
    album: ashes to ashes, dub to dub
    track: the balance of the cube

    my favorite these days.

    The only good system is the sound system.
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    • ftagn said...
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    • 14 Feb 2005, 10:33

    Melt !

    Artist: Dub Syndicate
    Album: Echomania
    Track: Walking Jerusalem
    Great track, always brings me in a long-hot-summer-when-the-road-is-melting mode :)

    "ctulhu, ftagn !"
  • some of my favorites...

    mad professor - ecological dub, dub on mount sinai
    lee scratch perry - babylon thief dub, power dub (bass on the latter is fun to play)
    scientist - your teeth in my neck, dance of the vampires
    dub syndicate - echomania

  • some of my favorites...

    mad professor - ecological dub, dub on mount sinai
    lee scratch perry - babylon thief dub, power dub (bass on the latter is fun to play)
    scientist - your teeth in my neck, dance of the vampires
    dub syndicate - echomania

  • Here is mine favourite of last few weeks:

    Dr. Israel - Psalm 87 (Captain Kowatchi Remix)

    Bass line!!!!!

    take a walk under the surface... Bill Laswell Last FM group ; Wordsound Last FM group
    • dub4u said...
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    • 14 Mar 2005, 06:21
    Good to find other who love dub.

    a couple of my all time favorites:
    - Black Uhuru's Slaughter

    - Mad Professor's remix of Dub Syndicate's Karmacoma, Bumber Ball Dub

  • Hey people - I was going to give three, but then I got carried away... In no particular order:

    Shanty Town - Desmond Dekker
    Rub a Dub Style - Eek A Mouse
    Loving Dub - Burning Spear
    Reach Out Dub - Headmix
    Ruffer Ruff - Horace Smart/Upsetters
    Feast of the Passover - The Congoes
    Suffering So - The Heptones
    Bathroom Skank - Lee Perry
    Angolan Chant - Joe Gibbs & The Professionals
    Ganja Smuggling - Eek A Mouse
    Words Dub - Keith Hudson

    I better stop now

    • Shog-un said...
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    • 6 Nov 2005, 12:41

    Brain Damage and Kanka

    The last record of Brain Damage "ashes tu ashes - dub to dub": very great.
    Also, the Kanka's record "don't stop dub". Very well made.

    • ydebru said...
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    • 18 Nov 2005, 05:56

    My personal selection.

    "Flashing Echo", by Leo Graham.
    "Ball Of Fire", by Bim Sherman.
    "West Dub", by the Aggrovators.
    "Black Ash", by Sly & The Revolutionaries.
    "Burial Dub", by Sly & Robbie.
    "Channel One Dub", by Linval Thompson.
    "A Little Version", by Love Grocer (Featuring Cheshire Cat).
    "Steel Plated Bullet Proof Vest Dub", by Lee "Scratch" Perry.
    "Dr. Satan's Echo Chamber", by Rupie Edwards.
    "Pop A Top", by Andy Capp.
    "Tam Tam", by Gregory Isaacs.
    "One Trainload Of Dub", by The Observers.
    "Out Of Order Dub", by Prince Jammy & The Aggrovators.
    "Crime Wave", by King Tubby.
    "House Is Not A Home", by Augustus Pablo.

    "I confess, I do not believe in time."

    - Vladimir Nabokov
    • VictorT said...
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    • 16 Dec 2005, 23:31

    some shit

    ok, adding to the madness

    Highvisators (HighTone meets Improvisator Dub) - 02 - Early Dub
    high tone - Mevlana in dub

    anything by High Tone, really

    Rwanda - Smith & Mighty
    wir wissen nicht (shantel's bucovina mix) - binder & krieglstein (dub or POLKA!!)
    Rockers Galore - Butch Cassidy Sound System

    and i'm not sure if this is dub or just a fun reggae song,
    Lee "Scratch" Perry - Super Ape Inna Good Shape

    all time favorite: Alpha & Omega - Dub Under Contention

    there's a few others..

    But don't get me wrong, there's no place I'd rather be. The grass ain't greener on the other genocide.
    - J-Live
    • SenorJ said...
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    • 30 Jan 2006, 15:47

    Whoa! Too many to mention...

    If I have to select a couple of tracks I'm playing at the moment:

    DJ Krush - On The Dubble (Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions 3)
    Lee Perry - Sky High Dub (Experryments at the Grass Roots of dub)


  • best dubs ever - survey

    Greetings dub fans!
    This is my all time favorite roots dub track:
    Stop Them Jah by Augustus Pablo

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    • Durruti said...
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    • 10 Feb 2006, 20:47

    HEER's Mine:

    High Tone - Sushit
    Mei Tei Sho - Algeria (it's not typical dub song. MEI TEI SHO are unique mix of etno, afro beat, jazz, dub, and maybe something else)

  • Too many great dubz....

    Iration steppas - jungle jungle
    Dubterror N tena stelin - child soldier
    Jah Marnyah - anointed one + version
    Jah marnyah - Fuss n fight
    Vibronics - Samsara
    Vibronics - african stone
    .... and..... let me think =)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 1 Mar 2006, 14:08

    My iDub

  • izrael - dub 125 [album: In Dub] ;)
    RAS - High Time [album: Stick & Carrot]

    • iana said...
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    • 19 Jun 2006, 09:19
    Dr. Alimantado - Best Dressed Chicken In Town- all tracks from this release ;)

  • There are a lot to choose from, but I'd have to say Augustus Pablo - Pretty Baby

    • darewon said...
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    • 30 Jul 2006, 04:51
    Dry & Heavy-Bright Shining Dub

    • Djervi said...
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    • 6 Aug 2006, 12:42
    Alpha & Omega - Dub of Purpose...

    actually, it's

    Alpha & Omega - *.* :)


    • djshen said...
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    • 6 Sep 2006, 13:57

    best dub tracks? STAND BACK.......

    African head charge : release the doctor
    creation rebel: space movements 1-9
    prince far I: long life
    prince far I: the right way
    prince fari : back weh
    aswad: flikka flame
    creation rebel : last sane dream
    ruts dc : pleasures of the dance
    could go on...........why spoil your fun...get searchin.

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