songs or bands you enjoy playing along to?

  • songs or bands you enjoy playing along to?

    So I'm pretty much a beginner on drums and lately I've been trying to play along to songs or portions of songs as a way to learn different beats and experiment a bit while being forced to play in time and fit in with the other instruments.

    I'm curious what bands or songs other people have found interesting or instructive to play along to.. Are there certain drummers that you've learned a lot from trying to imitate? Or maybe just certain bands that are really fun to jam to?

    As for me, I've been sticking with stuff that's not too terribly difficult, but that still goes beyond the same basic rock beats etc. and has a decent amount of variation. Alchemist, Katatonia and Klimt 1918 are a few I've been trying to learn from lately..

    • szyech said...
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    • 12 Apr 2009, 14:01
    The most difficult is to imitate Vinnie Colaiuta's style. It's so complicated... The solos in 9/8, for me he's from the other universe.

    It's still fine for me to play to Nirvana songs ^^ It's easy but you can check sooo many possibilities :) Or try to play some Red Hot Chili Peppers songs. It's good to train the grooves and generally, coordination.

  • circa survive, and Portugal. the Man

  • If you like more grooves try Arctic Monkeys. Its metal-esque challenging but laid-back and more focused on the hi-hat. Cool stuff.

  • if your a beginner id recommend some -Coheed and Cambria-. they pretty much ride on the backbeat (snare on the 2 and 4) all the live-long-day. its simple but never boring; try Time Consumer, Delirium trigger, or Welcome. personally i love to play Protest the Hero for complicated and clever rhythm's, that and Lamb of God for chops. but you need a double bass for that stuff. circe survive is really good for upping your co-ordination. and yeah nirvana too
    i haven't played to nirvana in years....

    all your base are belong to prog.
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 15 Sep 2009, 12:36
    I love playing Sunday Morning by No Doubt...i don't know why but i just love the drums in that song :)

  • AC/DC, Deep purple, Sex pistols and Gary Moore

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Nov 2009, 00:02


    I enjoy playing Rise Against, Foo Fighters and Escape the Fate, but especially MUSE and LED ZEPPELIN :3

  • Was listening to some Joe Satriani on my ipod the other day whilst sitting at my kit, and began to play to some songs :) Was frikking awesome to play with Jeff Campitelli \m/ He is just so versatile - it's brilliant!

  • I love playing Metallica's "Harvester of Sorrow", Eluveitie's "Inis Mona", and Agalloch's "Falling Snow".

    • uzay said...
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    • 7 Feb 2010, 21:54
    ACDC - Back in Black
    Audioslave - Show Me How To Live
    Aerosmith - Walk This Way
    Papa Roach - She Loves Me Not
    Linkin Park - Given Up
    Black Label Society - Stillborn

  • In Flames - Dead god in me

    simple but I like it :)

  • Slipknot-Psychosocial
    In Flames-My sweet shadow

  • all LED ZEPPELIN... and YYZ by Rush

  • when i started playing i used to play some misfits/metallica tunes cause they're not very difficult. :O later i tried some metalcore/deathcore stuff.. as i lay dying, carnifex, annotations of an autopsy and so on. and i love playing Death's "Leprosy", awesome doublebass is awesome.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 20 Mar 2011, 02:49
    If you prefer metal, i'd say Metallica. They're quite simple.
    When developing, try Muse. They have awesome rhythms, specially on the older cd's. Some are challenging, other are quite accessible. Arctic Monkeys is also very good for learning, it develops the technique. Green Day is really really easy, so it's good for beginners.

    Best of lucks!

  • Incubus and Queens Of The Stone Age!!

  • Streetlight Manifesto

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