• Go-Go Boots

    I have only one complaint about the newest release, it lacks a kick-ass song by Patterson. Cartoon Gold is classic Cooley, Shonna truly shines in her songs, & Patterson nails an instant classic with his Used To Be A Cop. I can't wait to catch them live again later this year, & I look forward to solo releases from each member as well. I hope I'm not disappointed...

    In U.S. and A. they treat horses like we in Kazakhstan treat our women. They feed them two times a day. They have them sleep on straw in a small box. And for entertainment, they make them jump over fences while being whipped.
  • I love I Do Believe, and you mentioned Used to be a Cop Patterson had some great songs on this album! I really missed Shonna on tour (the boys totally kicked ass in Gainesville tho)!

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