Drexciya Mixes Here!

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    Drexciya Mixes Here!

    Ok guys and gals, I've found a bunch of mixes to post here so hopefully they'll stick around on their various servers for a while. Get em while they're uploaded as they're pretty damn great :)


    der zyklus - der tonimpulstest - CLONE 17.5
    duplex - autosug [heinrich mueller rmx] - CLONE 43
    arpanet - wireless internet - RECORD MAKERS 05
    der zyklus - biometry - DJAK-UP-BITCH 11
    abstract thought - me want woman's punani - KOMBINATION RESEARCH 02
    the other people place - running from love - WARP 90
    japanese telecom - character maps - IntuitSolar 002
    tuxedomoon - what use [heinrich mueller rmx] - GIGOLO 59
    dopplereffekt - voice activated - DATAPHYSIX 002
    station rose - dave [heinrich mueller stanley kubrick's vision mx] - GIGOLO 46
    arpanet - EPR effect - REPHLEX 161
    elecktroids - kilohertz - WARP 65
    flexitone - nausicaä - PLANET E 65231
    transllusion - do you want to get down? - SUPREMAT 02
    lab rat xl - lab rat 1 - CLONE 31
    drexciya - andreaen sand dunes - TRESOR 129
    dopplereffekt - z-boson - GIGOLO 99
    japanese telecom - virtual origami - GIGOLO 67


    One of my all time fave mixes this!
    Drexciyan DJ Stingray:

    Drexciyan DJ Stingray live @ ATP
    320kps / 75mb / 33mins
    Drexciyan DJ Stingray Live @ Sonic Boom 11-11-06
    [^this link may not last too long]


    Another is this, a shorter mix of older Drexciya tracks, a megamix:


    Taken from http://drexciyaresearchlab.blogspot.com

    1.Dopplereffekt: Nyon-Neutrino - Gigolo 99
    2.Drexciya: Drexcyen r.e.s.t. Principle - Clone 25
    3.Drexciya: Andreaen Sand Dunes - Tresor 129
    4.Drexciya: Sighting In The Abyss - Underground Resistance 030
    5.Der Zyklus II: Elektronisches Zeitecho - Gigolo 63
    6.Dopplereffekt: Plastiphilia - Dataphysix 01
    7.Alden Tyrell: Disco Lunar Module - Clone 37
    8.The Hacker: Fadin' Away (Heinrich Müeller Remix) - GoodLife 07
    9.Drexciya: Aquatic Cataclysm - Tresor 182
    10.Aquanauts: Cruiseship Killa - Underground Resistance 056
    11.Dopplereffekt: Scientist (Album Version) - Gigolo 66
    12.Detroit.In.Effect.: U Can't See Us - Clone 29
    13.Drexciya: Bubble Metropolis - Underground Resistance 026
    14.Aquanauts: Spawn - Underground Resistance 060
    15.Drexciya: Bottom Feeders - Tresor 182


    And last but not least a honkin great 3 HOUR, 175mb mix :D


    Massive tracklist:
    Welcome to Drexciya
    Bubble Metropolis
    Powers of the Deep
    High Tech Nomads
    Dr Blowfin's Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres
    You don't Know
    Z-Turbine (Clarence G)
    Dimensional Glide (Transllusion)
    Isotopic Balance (Arpanet)
    Future Tone (Elecktroids)
    Nipponese Robots (Japanese Telecom)
    4-Data Transfer (Clarence G)
    Polymono Plexusgel
    Undersea Disturbances
    Sea Snake
    Fusion Flats (Chaos 43 mix)
    Black Sea
    Shatterprone (Glass Domain)
    Lake Haze
    Polar Coordinates (Der Zyklus)
    P2101V (Arpanet)
    Lonely Journey of the Comet Bopp (Shifted Phases)
    Memories of Me (Transllusion)
    Gravity Waves
    Drexcyen R.E.S.T Principle
    Hydro Theory
    Making of Ultraman (Japanese Telecom)
    Aquabahn (remix)
    Wave Jumper
    Digital Tsunami
    Crossing of the Sun-Ra Nebula (Shifted Phases)
    Andrean Sand Dunes
    Lifestyles of the Casual (The Other People Place)
    Cascading Celestial Giants
    Wireless Internet (Arpanet)
    Vampire Island
    Bottom Feeders
    Doctor Blowfin's Water Cruiser
    Japanese Animation (Japanese Telecom)
    Orbital Wavelengths (Arpanet)
    Walking with Clouds (Transllusion)
    It's Your Love (The Other People Place)
    Sighting in the Abyss
    Neon Falls
    Bermuda Triange (Abstract Thought)
    The Last Transmission

    If these don't get you dancing then nothing will, enjoy!

  • Thanks for the mixes!

    Bruce aka Lemmings
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    So sweet !

  • ahh thank you waxonic.. i spent alot time listening to the 3 hour mix

    donald & stinson FOREVER!

  • Re-upload

    Hey there. Could I ask if someone with the above-mentioned sets (or some of them at least) could be bothered to upload them to some of the many file-hosting sites, please? The links above seems to have expired and I lost the sets in the meantime. Please.
    Thanks in advance peeps.

    Without music life would be a mistake. ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

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