Dr. Lektroluv's real face

  • Dr. Lektroluv's real face

    Maybe that some of you guys, Dr. Lektroluv's fan doesn't know the Doctor's real face. He was also known as T-Quest.

    Here are some pictures of the "man with the green mask" himself!


  • not the full truth

    This rumour has been going round since the beginning of lektroluv and howevere there's a big chance there is some truth to it, it can't be the full story.

    There have been various reports of lektroluv playing whith T-quest himself in the partycrowd.

    Probably there are more dj's that perform under the lektroluv name with the mask. This also can explain a change in behaviour you can notice when you observe him closely or watch his interviews.

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