Doylestown eh?

  • Doylestown eh?

    My father and I once had a very intresting discussion about Doylestown while on the way home from a quality day at Hatfield Quality Meats. I made the argument that Doylestown was a "Suburbia that is trying not to be a Suburbia" and he seemed to agree with me. I then procedded to support my claim by pointing out that the number of developments and Cul de Sacs have increased quite a bit since I was in Kutz Elementary School (back when Kutz even had a "woods" behind it where the new development is). It seems to me though that many Doylestown natives try to ignore the fact of this fervently growing population and still try to regard of Doylestown as a small, close-knitted town. It also seems that people who have never been to Doylestown also seem to regard it as a small town that they have only heard of in passing. By claiming that I thought Doylestown is a suburbia that doesn't want to be one I am in turn saying that some citizens seem to choose to not acknowledge Doylestown's growing population and decline of privately owned shops.

    Now, as other citizens of Doylestown, what do you think? Agree, disagree?

    Private Property is an idea, Vocaloid is a reality.
  • I don't give a shit.

  • Mike! Such language!

    Private Property is an idea, Vocaloid is a reality.
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    • 15 Apr 2008, 00:22
    sounds like, your dad agreed with you to shut you up and it didn't work

  • ahahahh lyndsay

  • I view Doylestown as a modern day Kallipolis.

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