DELL to offer UBUNTU Linux

  • DELL to offer UBUNTU Linux

    Hey everybody!

    Just in case you haven´t heard:

    Seems like MS is finally getting some fair competition. A big computer seller is finally giving us the choice between two operating systems (and only one of them is a MS OS!)

    Good choice and a step into the right direction.

    none of them

    if nothing goes right... go left.
  • Not Realy...

    For me this "big" companys just use Linux because they can won more money with this.

    If they sell a computer with Windows for $2000.00 for example they expend more or less $300.00 with Windows, if they sell the same computer for $1800.00 they won $100.00

    Linux is not better than Windows (yet), but you only can see "something" more in this choise in some years...

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 11 Sep 2007, 20:54
    a bit tempting, but I thought dell boxes suck? I've heard that the graphics card included didn't have linux drivers (sic?), can that possibly be true :P
    but maybe, when dell start selling it here I've maybe consider, they seem to be really affordable

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