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    21 Feb 2015, 02:16 by XfnSnow

    Wasn't sure if this was going to happen, but not having a scrappy journal I forget to update regularly has left me feeling slightly 'without'. I've just agreed to start contribting to a new webzine too, which should be fully launched by April, but I'm hoping to keep this going as well, or at least use this as a drafting tool for more in depth reviews or articles. There is already a plethora of insanely good albums to imbibe your senses with this year. One thing I'm doing this time, is linking bands in more useful ways, so you won't have to stray from this page to get all the info you need on a band. Adding 'Bandcamp' links where I can and at least one link in the review to the band's facebook page (so you can make a habit of "liking" the stuff for further updates). Also, I used to shy away from likening projects to other bands too much, but I've found it draws ideas out of me if I do this, and the only reason I dislike reviewers who do this is that they rely too much on it to avoid describing a bands sound. So please explore and keep engaged in messages and comments.

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    My own DIY project:
    Courtsleet - Facebook | SoundCloud | bandcamp |


    The Body & Thou - You, Whom I Have Always Hated

    I had heard the news of this collaboration last year and was sort of reticent about the implications of this amalgamation of sonic forces (really, because it seemed far too good to be true). Prior to the release of 'You, Whom I Have Always Hated', I'd only indulged some (admittedly totally awesome) DIY live footage of the two bands simultaneously converging upon some basic but utterly crushing ideas. What makes this collaboration a truly special event is the fact that Thou and The Body (fb links) are both totally distinctive in their realm... it's not as if 2 generic doom bands have just decided to play at the same time. There's elements to each band's sound that are brought in and actually play out simultaneously in a cacophony I can honestly describe as being one of the very heaviest dins I have ever subjected myself to. The Side A on this album is from the EP that was only released on vinyl last year, and hence this is my first time hearing those songs. Although the collaboration feels like it's in its infancy in this first half, this only exacerbates a primal ferine element which most sludge bands would sell appendages to acquire. Come the 2nd half of this LP, it feels like the super band have become completely aware of the devastating tools at their collective disposal, and what follows is nothing short of disorientating. Beyond the Realms of Dream, That Fleeting Shade Under the Corpus of Vanity (official video) is the first of the "new" tracks and It contains everything that makes each band unique and brilliant in their own rite with even some new ground being covered in the 2nd half of the track which breaks down into huge slack pulses of bass which build until the cymbals crash back in simultaneously with Chip King's completely terrifying wails, which at the best of times give the amygdala a traumatizing workout. This moment just erupts in my system, sending paralyzing waves over me. It's quite widely available on CD and vinyl, but here's a link to Thrill Jockey Records' stock:


    Grimoire - L'aorasie des spectres rêveurs

    Few bands still induce that "where has this music been all my life" reaction in me during the first 50 seconds of their new EP. Québec's Grimoire (fb link) instantly set a drastically epic tone - the stage beautifully laid out for cavernous vocals to howl over gloriously balanced drums, guitars and bass... not to forget that summoning pastoral synth layer which runs throughout. This operates in the same circle as more well known projects such as Woods of Desolation or Germ, but somehow never manages to carelessly spill it's epic and hopeful tones into the superfluous realms, which the Australian masters of this genre can at times be quite guilty of. When clean vocals ornament the hoarded arrangement, the feeling of specters violently swirling around the room becomes a reality and during the opening of 'Cachot De Cristal' a momentous choral melody reigns over the long droning chord progression and reminds me sincerely of Mehdi Safa's ebullient and emotionally disarming approach to the vocals in his project *shels. Available to hear and purchase for a modest price: bc.


    Dynfari - Vegferð Tímans

    Dynfari (fb link) are a two piece atmospheric black metal band from Iceland playing with the sort of seminal, spirit accruing epic musical visions one expects from a nation largely made up of ancient glaciers and eerie barren, lunar landscapes. At the moment there are plenty of rumblings about Misþyrming, a fellow Icelandic collective with an epic and devastatingly sinister edge. I'm feeling really in my element with these 2 releases right now and am sincerely hoping the combination of the two records will draw more eyes to this emergence of sheer quality from Iceland's extreme music scene. The young duo are tapping into the same emotional dream world as Alcest and Les Discrets, with progressive arrangements and a massive sounding production, a morose nautical perspective is reflected. Hafsjór, A song containing some of my favourite moments on Vegferð Tímans is currently being streamed on Metal Hammer (direct link). Also, the label is hoping to use 'crowd funding' to release this on Vinyl. If my opinion means anything to you, this would be an extremely worthy addition to anyone's music collection.


    Misþyrming - Söngvar elds og óreiðu

    Misþyrming (fb link) are a frigid force of raw, bitter and destructive self expression. This core 2 piece unleashed their debut full-length “Söngvar elds og óreiðu” (Songs of Fire and Chaos) in February and it has since been met with nothing but awe and adulation by the black metal community. This is evidenced by the Vinyl selling out almost instantly and the band landing their name on the roster of some of the more respectable metal festival line-ups later in 2015. Proving true to their name (Icelandic for Abuse), buzz saw riffs and organic drums find themselves perfectly balanced to deliver violence in a nefarious and understated production which summons the moss enshrouded spirit of bands like Gehenna, Vemod or Earth and Pillars. Although for reasons of proximity Misþyrming are more commonly being compared to Svartidauði and Sinmara, but for me, there’s something a little more refined to sole composer, Daugar’s irreverent sermons. Where Dynfari embrace the cold and translate it into a beautiful poignant hypothermic malaise, Misþyrming firmly reject it as a fucking nuisance – the unwelcome discomfort venting in to their appendages substantiating further justification for anger bordering on grief. But in their malice for the nature of their homeland, an even stronger co-creative connection is nurtured. bc.


    Hypnologica - Quantum

    Hypnologica (fb link) is a post-black metal project belonging solely to Adam Magnox, who composes and transmits his blissfully crafted woe/cosmic musings out of the beautiful and rurally cocooned UK city of Lincoln. This project made a great impression on me last year with debut album Sonar. In opening track 'Gravitanium', we're greeted with a swell of dilatant synths, hinting at an 'adagio for strings-esque' quality of melody, which is soon blown out of the heliosphere and into true interstellar space by the guitars and drums which cascade in, creating a blinding, perfectly balanced wall of pure but brutal energy. Try not to allow yourself to be so awestruck by this opening track that you forget to give the closer 'Cosmic Water' it's own independent listen (I only say this because I was guilty of just repeatedly going over this first track without letting the rest of the album play out properly). This is 35 minutes of scintillating epic music, which shows tenderness in some isolating ambient passages, and then ferocity through pummeling arrangements with almost alien touches of melodic character. There are some huge ideas here and like the best black metal, although a progressive nature pervades through the composition, Magnox knows when an idea should be allowed space to breath and as such the best moments are returned to and given repetition in a most rewarding fashion. Go experience this for yourself at bc.


    Ecferus - Prehistory

    Ecferus (fb link) is truly inspired and unique black metal from the US. This is product of a sole contributor known as Alp, who brings science and mythology together in a concoction that is perfectly represented by the music which creeps, crawls and seethes with the murk of an early Caïna record and the natural ubiety seeded deep within Negura Bunget's opus 'OM'. I really love this album for many reasons. One being it has this fervid misery instilled in every movement - dynamically it can be in a section that feels like it could have been more 'filled out', but there are layers left sort of open, which gives the vocals or acoustic instruments room to breath and also makes way for the subtle, individual textures on the present instruments to really come into effect. Although there are plenty of moments when we're treat to full throttle black metal, they don't dominate, making this reminiscent of bands who really allow their compositional process to reach outside of aspiring to retain more officious, overwhelming dynamics. One such example of a band who also does this well is Nucleus Torn, where metal is kept back in reserve only for the darker acts in their wider story. Get on this now:
    bc. It is another 'name your price' jaw dropper.


    Devouring Star - Through Lung And Heart

    Devouring Star (fb link) is a newly evolved project from Finland, playing exactly the sort of galvanizing black metal you don't quite dare to hope you'll find right at the dawn of a new calendar year. The musical ideas are built around expansive dissonant riffs, with glorious clashes creating gleaming and monolithic girth in the bands maliciously execrable, yet grandiose and honed sonic palate. Bands I would say are perfectly healthy reference points here would be Kreigsmaschine, Aosoth and Carpe Noctem. It's pretty much thanks to the feeling of discovery related to this band that I felt the urge/inspiration to keep up to this years best releases and start another journal of the same ilk to previous ones. 3 of the tracks are available to stream over on Daemon Worships Prod's bandcamp - bc.


    Sea Bastard & Keeper - Split LP

    This split was specially chosen to adorn my new setup. I'm just not the type of person this kind of shit happens to... that one day I receive a call from a very close friend/ex band mate who is obsessed with hifi gear, offering me his rebuilt/reconditioned Wharfedale E-50s for the cost of nothing but love... he was desperate to know they were going to a good home (every time I've seen him since, I've given him an expensive bottle of vodka). So this split arrived shortly after I'd assembled this audiophile's mecca in my room. I think My eye balls have been an inch further apart ever since. I had never heard of or heard anything by Keeper (fb link) until I stumbled on a special preview of '777'. I'm quite shocked this band isn't making more ripples right now, although they are both very new and seemingly in their embryonic stage, which is a terrifying prospect, given how veteran they sound already. I predict their next full length, whenever that will be, is going to be absolutely huge. Sea Bastard (fb link), I am already a little more acquainted with. Their contribution is a slightly longer track. It's every bit as awesome and has a similar pristine, organic and bone crushingly vast production. From what i can make out, both bands brought their 'A game' here, which is what I really want out of a split, because it shows the bands are honouring one another enough to put a piece of their soul onto the record, instead of just chucking in some song that didn't fit on the last full length etc. Anyway, although I am totally ritualistically listening to this exclusively at my new shrine to sound, here's the bandcamp to get acquainted.


    Kalmankantaja - Metsänkulkija

    So it was 13 days into the new year, and I was starting to feel edgy. I quickly scanned my body for where this unease was emanating from, and it was my black metal gland, weeping out for something new, harsh and more than just half-decent. I had a dig around and this was one of the first things that came up. Kalmankantaja (fb link) is Finnish black metal. It is perfectly rough, and actually for something so awash with noise, it sits gloriously in my ears. It's not what you call a good a production, it's what you call an appropriate production... which is far more important. The only band from my repertoire I'd liken this to in the response it elicits is one of my very favourite black metal acts Finster. Despite the fuel for this project seeming to be the primal energies drawing truly from an absolute black essence, the riffs are all abundantly packed with harrowing and emotively imprisoning melodies, all carrying the genuine prestige of the best 'second wave' black metal. Go and enjoy probably the 'truest' thing that will appear on this years list:


    Imperial Triumphant - Abyssal Gods

    Imperial Triumphant (fb link) are avant-garde black/death metal from New York. They are symbiotic of the emergence of challenging ideas prevailing this region. This music is deeply organic in texture and production and fiercely technical in performance. The heaviness isn't achieved through conventional measures, a clue to this being the fact that they actively site Penderecki's tone rows as an influence, which further still should give some idea of what levels of dissonance Abyssal Gods descend to. It also has the geographically characteristic use of psychotic and terrifying brass and strings in some atmospheric reprieves. Although I'm putting a lot of emphasis on this album belonging to it's scene, this is only so because of the illustrious experimentation and stature musical explorers based in the big apple share (Think, Epistasis (shares a member), Time of Orchids, Krallice, Castevet, Kayo Dot and Behold the Arctopus). I was a big fan of their 2013 EP release Goliath (bc), so am delighted they've formed a partnership with Code666 (fb), who have the album available for purchase for a sweet price: Order. If you want to taste the poison first, CVLT Nation are streaming this beast in it's entirety.


    Kalpa - Sequences*

    Kalpa, hailing from Athens Greece, gave me one of those weirdly satisfying "bandcamp" discovery moments. It's a strangely analogous feeling to stumbling on some rare gem in a dusty independent store while idly thumbing through record sleeves. I sort of have to keep returning this to see if it's as good as I remember. And every time it's even better than I remember. With the panache of similar post-metal/rock/instrumental acts If These Trees Could Talk, Sunpocrisy, Kokomo or Exxasens, Kalpa know how to paint vibrant panoramic epics with tasteful build-ups, creative riffs and not a whole lot of need for anything else. They are not afraid to just get straight to the point, which is refreshing. A common flaw for alot of aspiring post-rock artists is that they try to recreate Sigur Rós' 'Popplagið', but just do not have the tools or dynamic depth to pull it off without actually being horrendously boring and ineffective. Kalpa completely avoid this trapping with pristine production as fulfilling as any of the aforementioned artists. The fact that this is 'Name Your Price' is really quite astonishing bc. This is also Kalpa's debut album, so don't be tempted to keep this one to yourself. Be Kind. Spread the word.

    Wells Valley - Matter As Regent

    Inquinamentum - Void

    Ethereal Shroud - They Became the Falling Ash

    Addaura - ...and the lamps expire.

    Agos - Irkalla Transcendence

    Au-Dessus - Au-dessus

    Exgenesis - Aphotic Veil

    Urfaust - Apparitions

    Vivus Humare - Einkehr

    Pyramids - A Northern Meadow

    Leviathan - Scar Sighted

    Ghost Bath - Moonlover

    Outre - Ghost Chants

    Phantom Winter - CVLT

    Keeper - The Space Between Your Teeth



    - [album artist=][/album]

  • For Funerals To Come (Doom Metal Compilations)

    3 Feb 2012, 18:18 by DetoxScission

    To keep up to date, add us on Facebook @

    That's right, i'm still here!

    With the popularity of my two previous different sets of compilations, I decided to take a chance on a third, but directed towards a much smaller audience. That's right, it's time to shine the spotlight on the doomsters! To my complete surprise, the 'Buried In The North' set I built for 'Old School' Canadian Death Metal has been well received and has accumulated over 150 downloads (That's good for me with the lack of promotion that I actually do). That was actually my secondary build as my first sets (Which are actually still growing and up to Volume 10 as of this writing) were the dreaded Nu/Alternative Metal area. Yeah, that's right... I LIKE that type of music. Deal with it! But that had a good level of popularity too, as the first 5 volumes of those sets accumulated over 200 downloads each and the later volumes are starting to pick up speed as well. My main goal for all of these is promotion for bands who I think deserve it. Some simple minded individuals would look at what i'm doing as piracy. I don't see it that way at all. Mine is as similar to piracy as when you used to listen to the radio back in the day and record songs onto a cassette tape. Remember those days? My main rule is that I do not repeat bands under any circumstances. Yeah, it's growing difficult with the Nu/Alternative Metal mixes, as I am now past the 150 band mark (15 bands per volume + 10 volumes.) but I will not change my rule. I state almost everywhere that I post about these things that if you find a band you like on one of the compilations you should try to openly pursue that bands material. I am essentially making mixtapes for specific fanbases to try to push bands that I think are good a little further and even if maybe 5 new people hear a specific band they hadn't heard before and enjoy it, hey... that's 5 new people. It's all about expansion! But anyways, this rant went on a bit longer than I planned. 'For Funerals To Come' will be 8 track volumes based around all the different areas of the Doom Metal spectrum. Check them out, give some feedback, tell your friends, tell your enemies, yell at me... just do something, heh. This is for the fans, not really for my own personal gain. I will update this thread as new volumes appear. As always, if this is an issue, I understand and will not put up a fight if it's decided it should be removed. As well, if any band happens to see there material present and does not approve of it's inclusion, I will make sure it's removed. Thank you for your time and enjoy!

    VOLUME 1

    01. Dolorian - Desolated Colours
    02. Akem Manah - The Lurking Fear
    03. Ocean of Ghosts - The Sun (The End)
    04. Despond - Rains
    05. Quasar - Splitting The Infinity
    06. Shape of Despair - Down Into The Stream
    07. Skepticism - The Castles Far Away
    08. Burning Witch - Tower Place

    VOLUME 2

    01. Torture Wheel - Broken By The Wheel
    02. Unholy - Gray Blow
    03. Tyranny - The Leaden Stream
    04. Descend into Despair - The Day The Sun Turned To Black
    05. Reido - Frozen Terror
    06. Ocean of Sorrow - Mystery Of Winter
    07. Catacombs - In The Depths Of Rlyeh
    08. Senthil - Premeditation: Part II

    VOLUME 3

    01. Aeons - Hyperborea
    02. Mourning Beloveth - The Mountains Are Mine
    03. 1000 Funerals - Final Wish
    04. Celestiial - Thule
    05. Saturnus - Beware Of The Atheist
    06. Empyrium - The Blue Mists
    07. My Dying Bride - Gather Me Up Forever
    08. Mistress of the Dead - Weeping Silence Of The Dead

    VOLUME 4

    01. Mythological Cold Towers - Slaves In The Imaginery Abyssal Line
    02. Morito Ergo Sum - Moonchild
    03. My Shameful - Beneath
    04. Grivf - Hvad Isen Skjuler
    05. Nine - Venom
    06. Forest Stream - Snowfall
    07. Quercus - Nameless
    08. Of Darkness - Darkness

    VOLUME 5

    01. Faceless Unknown - Beholding The Stream
    02. Keen of the Crow - Nightbringer
    03. Colosseum - Corridors Of Desolation
    04. Faces of Bayon - Godmaker
    05. Darkflight - Over And Over Again
    06. Blood Tears - In A Sea Of Sadness
    07. Winter - Blackwhole
    08. Disembowelment - Your Prophetic Throne Of Ivory

    VOLUME 6

    01. Anathema - The Sweet Suffering
    02. Ixion - Beyond The Skies
    03. Dawn of Dreams - Like A Sundrop In The Rain
    04. Insanity Reigns Supreme - Secular Condolence
    05. Lacrimas Profundere - Helplessness
    06. Thergothon - Who Rides The Astral Wings
    07. Fungoid Stream - The Howler
    08. Funeralium - Transcendence #26

    VOLUME 7

    01. Warning - Watching From A Distance
    02. Jack Frost - You Are The Cancer
    03. Evoken - The Mournful Refusal
    04. Majesty - Realm Of Confusion
    05. Shroud of Bereavement - The Forever Dance
    06. Before the Rain - Be Mine
    07. Bellaras - Obscured By Defeat
    08. Mournful Congregation - Opal Of The Stream Beneath The Hills

    VOLUME 8

    01. Ahab - The Stream
    02. Eternal Tear - Coma
    03. Septic Mind - Requiem Of Love
    04. Elysium Fields - Absence
    05. Forgotten Tomb - Solitude Ways
    06. dawn of everwinter - Embrace The Despair
    07. Astral Sleep - Landscapes
    08. Deep Well Of Horror - Omen

    VOLUME 9

    01. Woods of Belial - Desolate
    02. Forest of Shadows - Wish
    03. Ophis - Earth Expired
    04. Daylight Dies - I Wait
    05. Doom:VS - The Faded Earth
    06. Comatose Vigil - Galleries Of Coma
    07. Buried at Sea - Untitled II
    08. Funerary Dirge - Procession Of Gods And Tyrants

    VOLUME 10

    01. Officium Triste - Signals
    02. Reclusiam - Litanies Of Rust And Decay
    03. The River - A Close Study
    04. Longing for Dawn - Once Supreme
    05. Katatonia - Palace Of Frost
    06. The Howling Void - Oroboros
    07. Unearthly Trance - Solar Eye
    08. Worship - Keep On Selling Cocaine To Angels

    VOLUME 11

    01. Asunder - Twilight Amaranthine
    02. Hour of 13 - Hex Of Harm
    03. Amber Tears - Za Kraj Nebes
    04. The Funeral Orchestra - Apocalyptic Trance Ritual
    05. Imindain - Black Water
    06. Candlemass - Witches
    07. Grave Flowers - Sleep Demons Sleep
    08. Wormphlegm - Return Of The Ice Age And The Tortyrant

    VOLUME 12

    01. The Morningside - The Trees
    02. Batillus - Deadweight
    03. Pantheist - Oblivion
    04. Wijlen Wij - Falling Stars
    05. Uncertainty Principle - Stationary State
    06. Consummatum Est - Vertebra
    07. Dark Obscenity - Medieval Inquisition
    08. I Drowned In A Stream of Mourn - Strangling The Truth

    VOLUME 13

    01. Abismo - Neurosis Religiosa
    02. Lurk - Fire The Blood Sky
    03. Nocturnal Lust - Her Dreadful Embrace
    04. Innzmouth - Lovecraft's Dreams
    05. Doomed - Sun Eater
    06. Tombstones - Whisperer In Darkness
    07. Ningizzia - Point Of No Return
    08. TORT - Gnosis Of The Dead

    VOLUME 14

    01. Mare Infinitum - Beholding The Unseen
    02. Immensity - Eradicate
    03. The Liquescent Horror - Patiently I Wait For Death
    04. Syrach - A Death Star
    05. Mourning Dawn - The Rivers Flow
    06. Abysmal grief - Cultus Lugubris
    07. Swallow the Sun - The Ship
    08. Until Death Overtakes Me - Departure

    VOLUME 15

    01. Abstract Spirit - Horror Vacui
    02. Drawers - Golden Adieu
    03. Ataraxie - A Step Into The Gloom
    04. Funeral - Red Moon
    05. Doomthrone - Dancing With The Banshee
    06. Monolithe - Monolithic Pillars
    07. Amaranthine Trampler - The Box
    08. Godgrind - I

  • Live for Nothing, by Noothgrush - 27_XII_2.011

    19 Jan 2012, 10:08 by nightside242

    Rounding out a trio of re-releases to commemorate the tenth anniversary of their denouement, Noothgrush's Live for Nothing is a compilation of live sessions recorded directly from the mixboards of two stations. While never emulating the commercial success of Eyehategod, the West Coast natives forged an underground legacy for themselves at the cement-thick, ultra-heavy end of , and these two recordings book-end their prolific middle era in the late , during which they released eight split EPs in three years.

    Opening with 'Sith' and ‘Jundland Wastes’, two of the many Star Wars references that bizarrely litter their discography, these Californians immediately lay down a sound that is much closer to Buzzov*en and even Khanate than Eyehategod and Iron Monkey. The and influences that defined many American sludge frontrunners are largely cast aside - only occasionally reaching the surface on ‘Derrell’s Porno Song’ and ‘Friends of Mine’ - in favour of raw, visceral catharsis through the medium of stretched and mangled metallic riffs. There are forgettable moments, particularly ‘Useless’ and ‘Made Uncomfortable by Others’ Pain’, which tread the wrong side of sludge’s wafer-thin intensity/boredom measure, but ‘Gage’, ‘Erode the Person’ and 'Dianoga’ maintain the overall standard by further magnifying the skull-crushing force of Noothgrush’s very heaviest riffs.

    There is time for a sinister, lurching cover of Celtic Frost’s ‘Procreation of the Wicked’ and the badland-wandering atmosphere ‘A People Defeated’, before ‘Stagnance’, and ‘Hatred for the Species’ conclude this record with an almighty heave that threatens to drag Noothgrush’s tombstone down in to the soil beneath it. While Live for Nothing loses some of its power because of the mix quality, it remains an utterly essential release for any sludge enthusiast, and is surely one of the most vital s of .
  • Descend Into Despair - "Vanity Devotion" (2011)

    21 Nov 2011, 01:33 by DetoxScission

    Greetings! I recently wrote a review for the debut release from Descend into Despair, "Vanity Devotion", which was self-released in 2011. The review was written for on 11/18/11 and can be viewed here:
  • Herem II (album out now)

    13 Nov 2011, 10:16 by bloodyhammer

    Herem's second full lenght is finally out. Death/doom from Finland in the vein of Autopsy, Trouble and Electric Wizard.

    You can check out the song Earth from Myspace and order the digipack from RecordShopX or Firebox.
  • Heavy Lord - "Balls To All" (2011)

    10 Nov 2011, 17:41 by DetoxScission

    Greetings! I recently wrote a review for the new release from Heavy Lord, "Balls to All", which was released in 2011 through Solitude Productions. The review was written for on 11/10/11 and can be viewed here:
  • Ocean Of Ghosts - "Loss And Numbness" (2009)

    9 Nov 2011, 22:29 by DetoxScission

    Greetings! I recently wrote a review for the latest album from Ocean of Ghosts, "Loss and Numbness", which was self-released in 2009. The review was written for on 11/8/11 and can be viewed here:
  • Beithíoch: New album Dúchas - download for free

    17 Sep 2011, 12:27 by hiarctow

    The long awaited new album from Irish black metallers Beithíoch, is available now - complete and free - from "Dúchas" translates roughly to "instinct", or "that which is native", and is inspired by the glacier-torn landscape of Ireland's north.

    Stylistically this album throws up a few surprises: much of it moves away from the droney, minimalist style of the debut album (and subsequent EP) towards a sound that has more melodic intricacies and more subtleties in the arrangements. At times this album flirts with an old school doom/death sound whilst at other moments hearkens more to early Gorgoroth, Ancient or Immortal. More importantly though, this album is a serious challenge to the staleness and mediocrity of modern metal.


    Dúchas MP3 (RAR Archived)


    Front cover - Back cover

    Beithíoch's homepage @ Hi.Arc.Tow


    About Creative Commons

    This album is provided as a free Creative Commons licensed download by HI.ARC.TOW. This makes it free to download and to redistribute.

    MushinSíol Na Gréine cryosyncopy Maeror Tri Biosphere Beethoven Bach Demilich Burzum Dead Can Dance Averse SefiraImmolationIncantationJesuRevengeAnton BrucknerSlayerMotorheadCeltic FrostXasthurMayhem Programmed Cell DeathLustmordUlverOpethnegura bungetAbhorrentNullLullTangerine DreamJean SibeliusLudwig van Beethoven[artist]JesuFinalVelvet CacoonAncientVelesGravelandIldjarnDarkthroneImmortalOld FuneralMorbid AngelBathorySodomWoodtempleBehemothPrimordialMael MórdhaOverothGeasaAltar of PlaguesEnslavedDawnGorgorothThornsI Shalt BecomeDimmu BorgirSatyriconSacramentumDissectionMassacraHellhammerBeithíochLifeloverShiningDisembowelmentProfanaticaWolves in the Throne RoomClair CassisAbcessBeheritBelialHavohejRippikouluSkepticismRaison d'EtreAmorphisAbhorrenceAbhorrentBirth A.D.Frozen ShadowsSorcier Des GlacesImmortalInfernumGorgorothSacramentumIuvenesAvzhiaXibalbaDarkest EraZombifiedAutopsyRevenantPossessedKvistUrgehalCathedralMy Dying BrideParadise LostMolestedAbsuHadesBathoryWeaklingKhand
  • Funeral - "To Mourn Is A Virtue" (2011)

    19 Aug 2011, 05:37 by DetoxScission

    Greetings! I recently wrote a review for the new album from Funeral, "To Mourn Is A Virtue", which came out through Solitude Productions in 2011. The review was written for on 8/17/11 and can be viewed here:
  • Finally Church of Misery !

    30 Jun 2011, 17:11 by runlevel0

    Wed 29 Jun – Eyehategod, Church of Misery, Heavy Lord

    I missed Eyehategod completely: I had to take the train and I have to confess that I am not such a big sludge fan. They aren't bad, but having to take 3 different trains here in the Netherlands means that chances are that you will have to stay for the night in some crap-hole place far away from home.

    I hadn't heard Heavy Lord too much before but I can resume their gig in a few words: It was too short ! And that's quite a compliment for a support act; when they stopped i was still wishing for more. In fact the played less time as they should because the show started later, so that instead of a full hour they played only 30 minutes or so... but I would have heart them for hours. Very good, no-nonsense Doom Metal.

    Church of Misery fucking owned. I came specially to see these crazy hippies from hell. They aren't only one of the greatest bands ever but also fucking great professionals. Suto Kensuke reminded me the ghost from Ring, Negishi Yoshiaki was a real demon possessed by the spirit of some evil serial killer. Mikami Tatsuo showed that he is one of the best bassists ever, and not only in the Doom Metal scene.

    Baroeg is a small but very nice venue, clearly specialized in metal, there is even an inverted cross as a permanent part of the stage. The crowd that gathers there does also contain a lower hipster-index than in other parts of the Netherlands. I did however miss more passion, well, starting a pit is of course completely off place, but mates, fucking feel the music, don't just stay there as in your office's cafeteria...

    A longer and more detailed review with tons of photos in my blog:

    Doom on !