Series 7 : Autumn 2012 (warning *spoilers*)

  • Series 7 : Autumn 2012 (warning *spoilers*)

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    • Jaded92 said...
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    • 2 Sep 2012, 15:59

    S7 Ep1

    Did you watch the first episode!?! It was absolutely amazing!

  • I've watched the first episode - I have mixed feelings :D
    It wasn't necessary to show the sentimental quick story about short Pond's separation, it was really boring and pathetic, absolutely sticking out from the plot.
    Oswin: "Remember me"- very intriguing person, who is she? I hope she will come back.
    Poor Daleks without their memories connected with the Doctor :D I'm curious when they will come back too and how they will treat the Doctor :)
    "Eggggsss...terminate" :D ha, the best joke!

  • I just watched the episode today. It was brilliant! I just can't wait for the next one.
    The way Matt said "I thought you'd run out of ways to make me sick. But hello again. You think hatred is beautiful?" gave me chills. I'm not used to Oswin yet, but probably I'll like her more and more as the episodes come along :)

  • Just when I thought they'd run out of things to do with the Daleks...but hello again! Really liked this one.

    • nDroae said...
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    • 17 Sep 2012, 03:29
    I'd been looking forward to the first two since I first heard of them. Asylum of the Daleks was overall very good, but the Amy/Rory plot was unbelievable and felt manipulative; and as some have pointed out, Daleks turning people into Daleks made it feel much more like a Cybermen story.

    Dinosaurs on a Spaceship was great but the triceratops shouldn't have died :P I was hoping for more different kinds of dinosaurs. The missile thing wasn't very believable either but whatever.

    Not a fan of A Town Called Mercy, it had its good parts, but it was irritatingly preachy and IMO directionless. I did like the last couple of minutes.

    Next week's episode looks weird, we shall see :P I'm really waiting for the 50th anniversary celebrations to kick off next year....

  • I have really enjoyed the new series, the first with the daleks was a storming episode to kick it off, I thought they had given up on them, but always good to see them back.

    Just a bit gutted that it is only five episodes long this series, anyone know why that is? - the story of me
    • nDroae said...
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    • 17 Sep 2012, 21:06
    Series 7 is a full 14 episodes long, but it's split; the other eight episodes (after the Christmas Special somehow re-introducing Oswin as Clara Oswin, the new companion) will air "early" next year. Series 6 was also split in half between mostly April/May airdates through A Good Man Goes to War, followed by a second half airing mostly in September of last year.

    I normally stay uninformed to avoid spoilers, but apparently the next episode (The Power of Three) will feature UNIT. In that case, awesome!

  • trailer is cool with cces mysterious little cube

    • nDroae said...
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    • 26 Sep 2012, 03:27
    THAT WAS GO GREAT. Kate Stewart! <3 I DEMAND MOAR! And "ZYGON SHIP," "HALF THE STAFF IMPOSTERS" was a wonderful homage, I fangirled at that XD

    • nDroae said...
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    • 26 Dec 2012, 22:31

    Lol dead thread. The end of Angels Take Manhattan was great, what a finish. The Snowmen is pretty good, I like Clara, but not a great deal of re-watch value IMO.

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