New album - guess the name!

  • New album - guess the name!

    Hello folks!

    As we know our Disturbed will release a new album at summer 2010. David also said that new album will be 'more agressive and hard-hitting than existing ones'. Some of lyrics and riffs are done, so we can soon expect new, precious informations. Suggested titles of songs are: "Mine Insanity", "Mine", "Emptiness" and "Destruction" but it's very unconfirmed information.

    This way I want to play a game.
    You - fans are allowed here to type your own album name. What do you think, what would you see and hear? Write your proposition and guess how they can call their upcoming album.

    Make your choice.
    Aloha \,,/

  • "Destruction"
    For me its a great name for an album of Disturbed :))

  • Hmm... Nice suggestion. Every album has title song (except The Sickness -> DwtS). Destruction would be nice, but... Imagine it:

    2000 - The Sickness
    2002 - Prayer
    2005 - Ten Thousand Fists
    2008 - Indestructible (mind and soul)
    2010 - Destruction (in Indestructible mind and soul)

    If they want to make something about weaknesses, meaning of lyrics must face meaning of lyrics on Indestructible. Otherwise it would be funny.

    I expect something much torn, screaming "HERE I AM, FUCKING HELP ME!", something desperated and really sick. [dreams].

    Btw. They noticed that albums about psychological problems and sicknesses brought them best profits so they continue it. ^^

  • Kaltenhoenn
    hah you completely right!...but now after it..i haven't any thoughts about name of their new album T_T

  • Kaltenhoenn

    In agree with you completely
    my guess on the name would have to be... "Crisis" or somthing like that
    After all its all about bad shit happening and other crap so this is my guess

  • Although I'm a big fan of Disturbed, I think that the album should be called "We stole Killing you now!". Hear this song if you haven't, then wonder for a couple of minutes "Is it really theirs?" I've made a little research and discovered an awesome band called Fear Of Sound (A.K.A. A Bitter Farewell (A.K.A. A Hero Named Hope)). Just take a look: and

  • The album name is Asylum

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