[Review] Baring Teeth - Atrophy

  • [Review] Baring Teeth - Atrophy

    Baring Teeth - Atrophy

    There was a lot of buzz going on about this band in the underground lately, and after checking out some of their instrumental videos out on YouTube almost two years ago, I was psyched for Atrophy, when it was shaping up to be released.

    It features 8 tracks of Gorguts worship in a modern shape and enough of an own edge to stand out as more than a rip-off. One of the strongest points on this record is the constant variation of dynamics. You're really getting thrown around a lot and have to stay focussed to be able to fully capture the structure of their material at times. Distilled In Fire is one of those highly diverse tracks, going through countless ups and downs and bringing up Negativa to my mind a lot, mostly right at the beginning of the song. The instrumental track Vestigal Birth showcases more of their influences - I can definitely make out some Deathspell Omega type of whirlwind riffage here. However, all in all it's the short and eruptive tracks, such as The Dead Hand, that hit you the hardest. They often blast right into previous parts of drone, ambience and slowed down gloom and spice it all up with some serious chaos.

    The musicianship and especially the creativity on Atrophy is really outstanding and continues to amaze me throughout the whole record. Baring Teeth really manage to mash up their influences and create a sound and vibe of their own nonetheless. As always, I could do with fewer slowed down parts, but that's just me, I guess. They add to the diversity and most people will consider this a good thing, I'm sure. Bottom line: This is a great record. Get into it!

  • Gorguts worship?

    I'm in!

    ☞☺PeAcE LoVe UnItY ReSpEcT ☺ ✌
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