[Review] Gaza - No Absolutes in Human Suffering

  • [Review] Gaza - No Absolutes in Human Suffering

    Gaza - No Absolutes in Human Suffering

    Some years ago I kinda just stumbled over Gaza on MySpace and was totally blown away by the two tracks they had posted at that time. So I ordered I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die and a shirt from the US and after a few weeks it arrived, with a little note saying "We want you to kill somebody wearing that shirt." Good times, hahaha. So when I got home from the post office to give this a listen, it was one of those magic moments, and you know how rare those are. Everything about that record was so dark, intense and painful. I just listened to it all night on repeat, that's how stirring it was. And the next day. And week and month and so on. He Is Never Coming Back took a while to grow on me on the other hand, but when I finally got to see Gaza live over here, it all clicked and from that point on, I liked that record just as much.

    So now I was pretty excited for this new record, but also a little sceptical. Would Gaza be able to stick to their sound without getting too repetitive or even losing some of their intensity? The answer is simple: Hell yes! No Absolutes in Human Suffering hits hard and rolls over you like a tsunami. It doesn't even need time to grow, it's just immediately soaking you in with its mixture of hateful rage and desperate intensity. And there is this majestic edge to it. I don't know how else to describe it, but it leaves no room for doubts about the seriousness and authenticity of what Gaza are trying to get across. The bands discordance is as ubiquitous as it's ever been and no worries, you will still get those drawn out and epic riffs, the end of This We Celebrate should be a great example for that. Although it seems like the focus is more on the faster paced elements this time around, which seems to be the main difference to the last record. Not With All the Hope in the World is very reminiscent of the debut's highlight Hospital Fat Bags, although the final riff of the latter will remain untouchable.

    However, No Absolutes in Human Suffering does have a ridiculous amount of epic riffs and moments, yet it is raging all over the place. It's safe to say that Gaza have managed to create one of the albums of the year and maybe their best record to date. Time will tell. However, it is impressive and you should check it out. And on another note, it's the first Gaza album that is finally available on vinyl!

  • What I really dislike in their (besides that very good) music, is, that nearly every song has a more or less conventional sounding "happy" part, usually it's the very last part of a song, which makes me skip all the time. I wish they would concentrate on their unique elements. In "the truth weights nothing" 0:16ff, there's even an standard hardcore riff I've heared on approx. 852394 hardcore albums %)

  • The new Gaza is well worth the wait!

  • I have known Gaza for about two years. I really enjoyed their first two albums although I always get confused with Gaza and Genghis Tron. Now that I know they have a new album I simply must check it out, don't know when or where I'll check it out, but after checking it out I tell you my opinion.

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    • 8 Aug 2012, 03:34
    johnstrieder - the truth weighs nothing almost sounds like it has a hook. . .but the lyrics save it for me :)

    For me, this is the album of 2012.
    they won already.

    This album reminds me more of I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die, and part of that is because they did the thing where they write more than one closer and put one in the middle and one at the end(Hospital Fat Bags and Pork Finder -> Not With All The Hope In The World and Routine and Then Death)

    "i'm looking over your shoulder, but only because I've got your back" - Stephen Colbert
  • Compared to the other albums it is indeed almost melodic, which sounds good, but in my opinion they shouldn't extend this Sounds to much in the future. I also have to admit that after reading johnstrieders comment and listening to the album with that on my mind, he is right and this might be the weak point of NAIHS. Thought this is still a great record.

  • Really enjoying this, but I do agree that it's almost too melodic, and hopefully they don't go too far in this direction. Still great, though the overwhelming dissonance is missed.

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