[Review] Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage

  • [Review] Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage

    Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage

    What?! Elephant Sausage? Funny, huh? People are "funny" sometimes. Especially in those last.fm shoutboxes, you all know that. However, for those of you who don't know: The title translates into Wildchild. There you have it. Gojira is one of those bands I really used to love. I still kind of appreciate them and I honestly think that From Mars to Sirius is one of the best and heaviest Metal albums of the last 10 years. I love it so much, from the huge and roomy production to it's sheer impact. And for it's groove, epicness and influential edge. The Way of All Flesh did not have that. It had a couple of standout tracks, really good ones at that, but as an album, I found it a little boring. So how about this new album?

    L'Enfant Sauvage starts with your typical Gojira trademarks. And continues with those typical trademarks. And ends with them. Now take all that and put it in bubblewrap, so no one gets hurt. That's how that new album feels like to me. You've got the grooves, you've got sparks of the outstanding drumming and you've got the melodies, which Gojira clearly focussed on this time around. You've got a lot of midtempo and a few outstanding riffs and moments, but how about some edge? There hardly is any. It also really seems like there is only a certain repertoire of riffs, grooves and dynamics for this band, so you come across quite a few parts that make you think you have heard them before. With less impact. All in all, there are two songs I really dig... The Axe and the final The Fall. The rest passes by with too much midtempo riffage, that seems to go nowhere most of the time.

    L'Enfant Sauvage seems like an attempt at making Gojira as accessible as possible. It's very clean and certainly doesn't hurt. It just goes by, has its moments, end of story. The last album implied that already and now it seems executed. I'll always appreciate their approach on Metal, but I have the feeling that they will get less and less edgy with each release. Finally, I'd take From Mars to Sirius over this any day.

  • Failure. I awaited for this so much, my heart is shattered mandolin now.

    I love all the 4 albums, i love Empalot.
    Geez, Terra was so damn atmospheric and creepy at times.
    The Link was so cool in its Indian atmosphere, in its crushing riffs, DRUMMING.
    From Mars To Sirius, just epic.
    The Way Of All Flesh, heavy as hell, full of "dat riff' moments, and again, drums so perfect.

    And now. Primitive tremoloid riffs of 3 positions, fake vocals (i get the feel of forcing emotions, not expressing them, while listening to THIS album), kawai-fills, and drum parts are now just average.

    Sorry if i hurt someone's feelings, no offence.

    P.S. And what sucks even bigger time, they got REALLY popular and a lot of "true metalheads", who did not succeed in digging previous works, take this piece of art as their magnum opus. Sad.

    • BIRI123 said...
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    • 27 Jun 2012, 17:46
    I got into this band around few months before this new release but didn´t listen a lot.
    After the title track came out I was like - hell yes - and started again listening to the previous albums. In the end I am very disappointed by this release. Digging Flesh the most.

  • Totally agree with this review. Not bad but very formulaic. Flesh is also my favourite, that album has a lot of variation.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 1 Jul 2012, 03:15
    Eh, I disagree. As a whole I like how all the songs blend in within the album, feels more cohesive, makes me enjoy the journey/entire album more than any specific song. I feel real passion, especially in Liquid Fire and the second half of Pain Is A Master, from 2:47 and on that song is deep as fuck, that's the high point of the album IMO. First four tracks kick ass too. This Emptiness is a sweet bonus track, My Last Creation doesn't really impress me though, it's one of two or three songs that aren't anything special IMO. Yes it's definitely less edgy, but it seems they've trademarked their sound better in this album than any other. I feel like I'm being sung an epic tale.

    But on a less related note none of it compares to Of Blood And Salt IMO. Maybe their EP will have more edge like that song does.

  • I agree with the review as well. I respect their influence on metal, but this album definitely was a bit underwhelming like their last. At least this band is getting some people into death metal for being as accessible as they are.

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  • To me it just sounds like Way of All Flesh Part 2. Not bad, but nothing all that exciting about it.

  • I really liked their new output but I have to admit I only know Terra Incognita and this one and Terra Incognita made me think that I am not used to their sound and never will be, but with this album they changed my mind, I will be ready to listen to their other albums, when I come across them.

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