[Review] Dodecahedron - Dodecahedron

  • [Review] Dodecahedron - Dodecahedron

    Dodecahedron - Dodecahedron

    So what do we have here, as our first review in 2012? Dodecahedron is a band from the Netherlands and it features a few members of the defunct Sludge / Post Hardcore band Transmission0. I remember seeing those guys play with THE END (who put on an incredibly relentless live show) here in Berlin in 2004 and the poster is still hanging up on my wall. Anyhow, due to the fact that I wasn't impressed with the albums Transmission0 have released, I didn't have the highest expectations for their new project's outcome.

    Dodecahedron prove me wrong, though. Their self-titled debut starts off with a discordant and chaotic, yet somewhat catchy tune, which is a blueprint of what's to come in the following 50 minutes. The production is kind of crisp and harsh, but you can make out pretty much anything these guys are doing on their instruments, which is a good thing. I most definitely enjoy the load of soundscapes and samples in the back, because they're really haunting and adding up to the sinister vibe these guys are going for. Dodecahedron features a nice range of dynamics, from high pitched dissonance and screaming to drawn out, crushing heavyness with spoken word passages and even vocoder usage. Most of the melodies are fierce and grim, but sometimes there are some more epic and almost comfortable sounding harmonies, which make for a nice contrast. The great thing about all this is, that these guys still don't seem to push their ideas too far or even over the edge. Now this is not the most original album ever, as the influences are clearly shining through, but I appreciate obvious influences, as long as the outcome benefits from that.

    To sum this record up, you'd have to use terms such as versatile, yet homogenous, intense, bleak, haunting and just very well put together.
    Dodecahedron will please fans of Deathspell Omega, Nightbringer and Blut aus Nord, but they've got enough of an own edge to be anything, but a rip-off. This album is a good start into the new year and an early highlight, so let's hope we're getting more such quality releases in 2012.

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    • 25 Jan 2012, 19:42

    Blows Up

    It can really make you demented. Great chaotic shit

    миром правит пиар и уебанство
  • This was a really promising release with unrelenting chaos and innovation. Every song is articulately detailed in the composure of each song. 10/10

    Really like the direction this band seems to be heading in. Might eventually even serve as potential influence to other bands.

  • I'm lovin' it!

    Yep, gotta agree with all the rave reviews for this album. I've been listening to it for most of this week and still haven't grown tired of it. Nice and dense atmosphere, groovy dissonant riffing and unique song-writing will definitely put this one in my top 10 for 2012.

  • Word!

  • Haha, WHAT THE FUCK?


    Guy seems to like my review quite a lot. A bit too much maybe.

  • Fuck! how much stupid can be person to clon someone's opinion...there always will be leaders and followers.

    I had a similar issue regarding a Misery Signal review I wrote long time ago with another stupid-fuck-proto-human-being copying the 80% of my words and publishing it into a famous metal magazine.

  • I'm really missing the point, tho... isn't the purpose of a review to reflect the writer's personal opinions about a record? This makes no sense to me.

    edit: I realized that it's a group member's blog. Will PM him.

  • Hello, HeySharpshooter here, who runs Curse of the Great White Elephant:

    First off, I want to be clear on one thing: I did not write the review posted on my blog, nor did I read the dailygrind's review before clearing the post on my blog. Had I done so, the review would not have made it onto my blog.

    I have spoken with the author of the review on my blog, and he claims that he did not plagerize the review, and that their similarity is a coincidence. For now, I am willing to let it slide(though I will be checking his other reviews for similar issues).

    I want to apologize to thedailygrind for this whole mess. I would also ask that users not judge Curse of the Great White Elephant too harshly. It has only been active for about 5 months, and I have just recently started getting new authors. I did not think I would need to check reviews for plagerisim, but it seems I will be doing just that in the future.


  • Just wanted to post that.

    Thanks, dude.

  • Easily one of my favourites so far this year. I don't really get the Deathspell comparisons that people are making in their shoutbox.

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