Fragments “The Void” (2010) + download link

  • Fragments “The Void” (2010) + download link

    Hi math-heads, I want to share with you this band where I was involved with other members of Hybrid and Brainwash. It's extreme metal with deathcore and mathmetal brushstrokes. The songs were written back in 2006 and we recorded and released this EP in a DIY way.

    You can check a song here:

    And download the EP here:

    Feel free to download, share this post and comment.

    If you're interested in the physical copy, packaged in a nice thin cardboard cross gatefold with artwork by Alex Eckman-Lawn (Crowpath, Maruta, Yakuza, Car Bomb, Hacride), send an email here:

    Thanks for supporting DIY and underground music.

  • There's a bandcamp where you can stream/download the album since the download link is missing.

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