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Created on: 1 Jul 2009
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Who is Disreflect?

Name: Ingo von der Osten
Sex: male
Style: Synthpop / Wave
Age: 41
Place: Munich, Germany

Some facts...

How it begun

Disreflect, 1 man 1 Notebook is making music, 100 % elektronic and primary only for himself ...

He started making music in 2006, when he was trying Cubase , bundled with his soundcard… which evolved.
... in the meantime, everything growed into a nice Hobby ...

Disreflect’s music consists of simple & catchy bass lines, ambient sounds, dreamy synth lines and cold dance beats that lie right beneath a vocal that would remind you of Camouflage. Disreflect is certain to become an established modern electronic band and gain label interest.

"While the world continues to spin in reverse the new breed of emotional producers will continue to alter the senses and evoke emotion. Electronic music with emotion is making its way to ears across the globe and it begins here.” (Quote Ingo von der Osten)

..... taken from an Interview this Summer:
written in first person

Who is Ingo von der Osten?

"I'm working in the IT buissiness. We do Software for a big insurance company. Just as the normal guy you know I have 2 kids, wife, house and a dog.
For the musician it's similar boring. I started creating music as a hobby a few years ago. I have a rather long way to work by train and so creating is a nice way to do something useful with that time. I have no musical background except from learning the guitar when I was young. So music is soley a hobby and it will stay that way.

With the first tries creating music beeing kind of hearable I published them to a german internet portal for selfmade music called Myownmusic, later to Myspace too.

Finding an absolute unique style is an almost impossible task. I'm often compared to Bands I don't listen to. (I'm not too deep in the scene I admit)
But I think I'm on the right path and we'll see where this journey will end.

How he is Composing?

"I create sound snipplets. Then I try to find a suiting text and a suiting melody that fits to the mood created by this snipplet. Don't ask me how many unfinished snipplets are there on my drive. :)
But if everything went well a new song is done.

In general I do everything on my own. On Mnemnophbia I asked some friends from Myownmusic to help me out when I felt there is missing something special. For example on Stranded the outstanding Vocals of Hermann Voges, a counter tenor from munich. On Everything the guitarsolo by Michael Jarosch."

.. about Mnemophobia ..

"The album name is based on the track called 'Fear of Memory', a song that is about beeing sure a relationship is at the end but you are afraid of doing the last step because you remember the good times too. Todd Durrant from a different Drum came up with the idea to use the clinical term instead. I liked that a lot as this fits to most of the songs on the album."

What about the future?

"Well, success is a relative thing. :) Fewer and fewer people decide to actually buy an album instead of downloading. Maybe I should start painting. Noone would dare to come into my house and take any drawings for nothing. :)
Just kidding.
If I have finished enough songs that I declare good ones and if my label decides to put them out, well there will be a second album - maybe not.

This is a nice hobby - I have no big plans."


Samples of his great Music can be downloaded here -> http://disreflect.myownmusic.de

Official Site: http://www.disreflect.com/

Myspace: www.myspace.com/disreflect2

The current Album Mnemophobia can be ordered here:

or here:

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