Witkin, the beauty of difformity, the glory of death

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    • 20 Jun 2007, 13:40

    Witkin, the beauty of difformity, the glory of death

    Witkin takes only black and white pictures of people dealing with a physical difformity, and beautify their disablement or ugliness to turn it into art, great art, may we not be afraid of saying this.

    He oneday said such a sentence, suming up his art: "When people think you are a monster, the only things to do is to surpass their expectations" (translation)

    Born in Brooklyn in september 1939, from a working-class family. His father was a Jewish and his mother was a devoted Catholic, thus providing conflicts within the family. His parents ended up divorcing, then he was brought up by his mother.

    His first step into the dark world he would then join occured when he was six: a violent car crash happened and something round was rolling down to him. He first thought it was a balloon, but it was... a little girl's head.. It was like a sordid epiphany, he realised that he was becoming in love with this kind of life, this kind of beauty, and it never left him.

    He spent all his education in Saint Cecilia in Brooklyn in a stern and heavy atmosphere (both in his family and in his school) , increasing his passion for gloom and death. His main heroes are Bosch and Goya, belonging to different times but showing the same interest in monstruosity, darkness, ugliness

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  • Excellent avant gardist and dark artist,his organic art is impressive and procure great and atroce feelings.

    nice you open a thread about it Sighild (or momo pour les intimes) ;)

  • One of the greatest artists of our time, always on the edge, beyond good & evil, beyond beauty and ugliness... most of is work is really incredible.

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    • 19 Apr 2009, 13:07

    "I didn't exist at creation/ I didn't exist at the flood/ and I won't be around for salvation/ I am a crude existential malpractice/ and you are a diet of worms"

    -James Fenton-

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