April 2010 Recommendations

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    • 4 Apr 2010, 20:14

    April 2010 Recommendations

    I'm a little late getting this started. I've been planning a large project for the Digital Meltd0wn blog. We plan to post at least one album from every country in the world over the next year and a half, or longer. I haven't made an official announcement about the project on the blog yet, so you all are the first to hear about it.

    Dariush Dolat-Shahi - Avant-Garde musician who combines electronics and field recordings with persian classical music. Check out the album "Electronic Music, Tar and Sehtar"

    SHOOM - There isn't much info about this band on last.fm I suppose you could consider their music "world fusion" as they mix ethnic music with a variety of different styles, ranging from traditional rock & roll to grindcore

    Koby Israelite - Israeli musician who brings an avant-garde approach to music and jazz.

  • To fix my mistake!

    Hello people:

    Well, in my "March 2010 Recommendations" I made a mistake... so here's my correction.

    This is what I posted:

    Yeasayer (experimental / psychedelic / indie)
    [recently discover by recommendation]

    Download: Yeasayer - All Hours Cymbals


    Yeasayer - Ambling Alp

    Yeasayer - Madder Red



    Download: Yeasayer - Odd Blood

    I super recommend this album cuz I love it! Enjoy! =)

  • @Zer0_II

    ...by the way, that project sounds hot! ;)

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    • 5 Apr 2010, 21:41
    well... since i'm new here a recommendation or two seem in order. don't know if any of them have been recommended before and i sure hope i'm not too mainstream (god forbid! ;)) so here goes:

    35007 dutch stoner/psychedelic/space rock band from my old hometown, Eindhoven. their album Into the Void We Travelled would be a good starting point i guess.

    members of 35007 later formed stoner rock outfit 7Zuma7, again from Eindhoven. Eindhoven was long (and is still sometimes) called Eindhoven Rockcity! for its large number of (usually pretty loud) rock n roll bands. The analogy with Detroit (the quintessential rock city) is even clearer because Eindhoven is an industrial city as well.

    anyhow: for stoner rockers 7Zuma7, who rocked many a stage in the late 1990s, their debut album (and, sadly, their only full album) Deep Inside is a good place to start.

    another band from the Eindhoven Rockcity! movement (looks like i'm getting into some sort of theme here) is Suimasen. Suimasen, with former 35007 and 7Zuma7 drummer Jacco van Rooij, make an entirely different type of music. Last.fm tags them as . when listening to their self titled debut album, follow up Flow, or third album Stay (alas, the debut album and Stay are, as far as I can see, not featured on last.fm), Sonic Youth, Blonde Redhead, and even Fugazi spring to mind.

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    [accidental repost of my previous comment]

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    • 9 Apr 2010, 00:04
    Welcome to the group thitske, and thank you for taking the time to share your recommendations with us all. I will be updating the main page within the next couple of days. I hope to see you back here in the future.

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    • 3 Apr 2011, 11:28
    For the recommendations: try pg.lost - it's an instrumental Swedish post-rock/shoegaze project

    As for the global music project mentioned, I'd be happy to help out with it. Unless you enjoy the process of exploration and want to do it all by yourself.

    Anyway, I accidentaly stumbeled on your blog while looking for new stuff to listen to. It's really interesting, especially the wide array of genres and styles.

    Keep up the good work!

    Edit 1 : [ Whoa! Wrong year. Still not used to it being 2011 already.]

    Edit 2 : [Howcome have the discussions been dead for such a long time?]

    Edit 3 : [What about the mentioned project? Anyone still up to it? I've always thought of doing something similar myself.]

    Edit 4 : [Sorry for all the editing.]

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