Suggestions: Music to accompany your trip.

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    • 12 Apr 2011, 05:43

    Suggestions: Music to accompany your trip.

    I imagine that those joining this group as opposed to the "Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide" group were at least partially drawn here as a result of the connected artists, so I'm interested in seeing what others might suggest based upon their personal experiences.

    For a third plateau trip, I tend to prefer dream pop, shoegaze, darkwave, coldwave, minimal synth, ethereal, medieval and renaissance music, and psychedelic rock.

    For a fourth plateau trip, I prefer dark ambient, ritual, death industrial, avant-garde composers, drone, and darker post-punk, metal, or noise rock variants with a droning sound.

    I'd be glad to get into specific recommendations, but I'd prefer for there to be a discussion in motion before I start making lists.

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    • 15 Apr 2011, 21:53
    Hm, I always want to get as intense trip as I can, so I never use "dream pop, shoegaze, darkwave, coldwave, minimal synth, ethereal, medieval and renaissance music" or any structure-based music generally, except VC and Clair Cassis.

    My wholehearted recommendations:
    VC - Atropine
    Staruha Mha - both albums
    Maeror Tri - Pleroma
    Urfaust - Drei Rituale Jenseits des Kosmos
    Skullflower - Strange Keys
    Arktaus Eos
    Haare - Sacred Mushroom Clouds
    V/A - Saturn Gnosis
    Pete Swanson - Where I Was
    Yellow Swans - Going Places
    Svarte Greiner - Penpals Forever
    Adriva - Cold Sea Week
    Black Seas of Infinity - The Wordless Aeon has Awakened

  • if you like lo-fi, experimental noise-rock/jazz, check out The 5th Plateau

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    • 28 Aug 2011, 08:10
    Some of the best trips that I've had on DXM were accompanied by the music of White Stains. There's something about their music that seems to directly tug at the subconscious mind.

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    Further Suggestions.

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