Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon

  • Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon

    i got it!
    it's just... perfect. i listen to it over and over again. each song is different
    some of them suprised me a lot - for example shabop shalom or saved (sounds like... gospel!)
    maybe i'm subjective

    that's why i want to read what do other devendra fans think about it...

    i wanna be a little seahorse
  • I love it. Not as good as Cripple Crow, which I think is his best album so far, but it's focking wonderful! :)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 20 Apr 2008, 14:43
    It's even better than Cripple Crow.Smokey Rolls is much more mature album.It's like Devendra really did something,not just having fun.The first two times listening to it was like "well,'s good" but the third time I was high,happy and free and the experience with the album is like revelation.

  • hum.. not sure if its his best... its a great album don't get me wrong but i still like Nino Rojo best, i suppose its what you get to know an artist with but we've never seen another track like We all know or anything quite as sad as At the hop... who knows, maybe he should just sit down with Andy Cabic again and try and do a quiet considered EP.

  • yeah, for sure. i'd like to see devendra just go with an acoustic, on his own again.

    i do like this album, and cripple crow is my favourite, but i'd like to hear the more intimate sound again.

    your brother's a waitress
    • Melba_ said...
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    • 5 Sep 2008, 18:58
    I think that Smokey Rolls... Is a great album, I agree with PorchWhistler... Is not Cripple crow, but still is amazing!

    Shabop Shalom is a funny and sweet love story...
    That`s for sure!

  • Kick Ass Album!
    I´m re-discovering the music from Smokey rolls down, when the album came out i didn´t give it much attention but now it seems just perfect!
    "Sea Side" is such a beautiful song... there´s some kind of mystic haze in this album, I feel completely enchanted by the music...hypnotic

  • Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon is....i dont know how to really describe it.
    the more i listen to it the more i feel love with it.

  • i love this album! a work of art, truly.

  • I think the same as riva2003, it grows for every listen.

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