Dethklok Metalocalypse - Best show on television

  • Dethklok Metalocalypse - Best show on television

    I've loved Adult Swim for a while, but this is the icing on the cake. I've been anticipating this show for a while now. Catch this show on on the FIX at 6:00 PM Eastern Time! Its 2 days before the show airs, and you can watch it as many times as you want.. I have a bunch of times.

    I love goregrind, death metal, grindcore, black metal, folk metal, and many other genres

    also, death to metalcore, fuck those fashioncore faggots.

  • Also, all the episodes so far are up as two parters on Youtube, so you can go back and re-watch.

    I agree, this is the best thing on TV.

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  • Metalocalypse wont run on adult swim for me, since I dont live in America..
    Fortunatly its on youtube :)

    And it is indeed the best show on air... or the internet |m/


    Watch new episodes before they air on TV

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  • I have always had a deep appreciation for Metal in other [AS] shows... "Spirit Journey" from ATHF is actually the only one I can think of, but combining Death Metal and [Adult Siwm] is like...Combining eating pizza and having sex. Also, Brendon Small has a fucking awesome death growl.
  • I'm not into death/grind/black metal, but the show kicks serious ass and the songs are very good.

    • R4b said...
    • User
    • 10 Sep 2006, 16:05
    Yes this show is the best...its to bad they dont air it in Sweden =/

  • WesterFaust theres a lot of Metal in Home Movies -.-

  • Didn't Glenn Danzig do a cameo on an Adult Swim Show?

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  • possibly.

    btw the latest ep was very cool. parents are f*ing metal ^^

    • nitro67 said...
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    • 20 Sep 2006, 13:48
    he did on aqua teen hunger force. he wanted to buy thier house cause the blood ran down the walls non-stop.

  • It is deffintaly one of my favorits. It is the only show I like that [adult swim] plays on Sunday. Besides the shows they play every night. IE Family Guy and Futurama.

  • The AdultSwim nazis won't show the FIX episodes to anywhere but the USA (I even tried a proxy), and I don't get the channel here.

    That wasn't a problem as I was watching it on YouTube, but now they've all been taken down it looks like.


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  • if u want the episodes check out the link in my Signature

  • Best show I must say

  • dethklok 0wns

    anyone know if or when they will becomeing out with a cd. and Im defenantly getting the season when it comes out on dvd.

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  • Supposedly it comes with the DVD set. :D

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Jan 2007, 17:55
    and don't live in usa, so I had to watch them on youtube, and I must say it kick ass!

  • Meh it's not on in NZ so I bought the DVD after watching them on youtube cause it was that brutal.

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