Delaware Bands

    • burk3 said...
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    • 21 Mar 2007, 19:06

    Delaware Bands

    Not many these days. I wish I was around for Dawn Undercover and Sock Full of Pennies. Only good band from Delaware I've heard in a while is The Spinto Band. Any others I should hear?
  • wow you go back a long time. hahaha well i would always say Crown Heart Ruin was good. Crown Heart Ruin

  • Shining TV Screen
  • Well, there are TONS of not-so-good highschool bands I know about, but they form, change, and breakup so much, none of them ever get a good fan base or recordings.

  • Boysetsfire
    The Metrosexuals
    Damien's Day Out broke up, but the drummer Ryan Langshaw is the lead singer of Devolver (formerly Langshaw)
    Thikk as Thieves, but I guess technically that'd be Salisbury.

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