Deeprhythms #46 'Doldrums'

  • Deeprhythms #46 'Doldrums'


    there's a new mix by me available for download at

    DEEPRHYTHMS #46 - DOLDRUMS - by Timo
    192kb mp3, ~100mb + RealAudio for the bandwidth challenged

    Direct link:


    A long time coming (too long in fact), it's time for a new mix from me. During the last year and a half I never really stopped buying new music, nor did I stop mixing. But, making a mix I could publish here on DR seemed like a mountain to climb.

    What happend I think was that I became too conscious about the end product and didn't focus on the one thing and one thing only that matters in the end - having fun and enjoying the music.

    So, with 'Doldrums' I just wanted to share music I've recently been into. I made a firm desicion to let the tracks play out their full lenght if necessary, just so I could enjoy making this without thinking too much about when to start a long blend into the next track.

    Funny enough, think it turned out pretty well. There's a good variation of styles, a few odd tempo changes here and there and a lot of amazing music. Overall it's pretty relaxed, organic even.

    I hope you all go out and buy the new album by Trus'me called "Working Nights" on Fat City Records, it's THAT good! The bass is a little too hot on the last track but turn it down on your system. Feedback is always welcome.



    00:00 John Tejada feat. Nicolette - Desire - Palette - 2008
    06:37 Pink Monkey Flower - Rodando A Carmen (LSB remix) - Memorabilia - 2007
    11:53 Invisible Conga People - Cable Dazed - Italians Do It Better - 2008
    16:34 Paul Jones & JP Phillippe - Perception - Night Drive Music - 2008
    19:42 Ilija Rudiman & Votekk - Sunset Rouge - Grab - 2005
    24:59 Roberto Rodriguez - Too Late (Edit) - Compost - 2008
    29:03 Seva K - The Jungle of Music - Deepology - 2008
    35:03 Hird - From Dark to Light - DNM - 2007
    42:59 Francisco - Moon Roller (Raiders of the Lost ARP remix) - Nature Records - 2004
    47:58 Trus'me - Working Nights - Fat City Records - 2008
    53:35 Linkwood - R.I.P. - Prime Numbers - 2008
    57:13 Jackmate - Tesla - phil e - 2005
    61:08 Westpark Unit - Blaxrotation Suite Mix - Farside -2007
    64:45 Trus'me - W.A.R. - Fat City Records - 2008
    74:30 END




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