Breakdowns Crushing Our Mind!

  • Breakdowns Crushing Our Mind!

    Tell us about some of epic breakdowns !


    #At The Hands Of Death - Conjuring The Behemoth
    #Fit For An Autopsy - The Jackyll
    #Bermuda - Tyrant
    #Circle Of Contempt - Scour the Sharp Side
    #Float Face Down - River of Phlegathon
    #Suffokate - Not The Fallen
    #Labyrinthe - Filth
    #The Argent Dawn - Carving Our Path
    #Thy Art Is Murder - Whore To A Chainsaw
    #Oceano - District of Misery
    #Fallen Figure - Wake Up
    #Claremont - Regret Holds The Gun
    #By Blood And Iron - The Infernal Offering
    #Carnifex - The Darkness Enslaved
    #Blind Witness - All Alone

    What About Yours ?!

  • Rose Funeral - Hacked Into Pieces
    Eat A Helicopter - The Pessimist
    The Torture of Comacine - Resurrection
    Impending Doom - In the House of Mourning
    Molotov Solution - The Harbinger(whole album)

    We're like captains at war, we'll get followed to hell
  • Rose Funeral - God Demise
    Carnifex- Hell Chose Me
    Molotov solution- Prison Planet
    Thy Art is murder-Whore to a chainsaw
    Carnifex-Lie to my face
    Suicide Silence- The Disease and I would be a Tennessee boy if I didnt say Prosthetic Fluid Asphyxiation by Whitechapel

    • KocZkHa said...
    • User
    • 24 May 2010, 14:28
    Faceless- Leica
    Whitechapel- Messihabolical
    Suicide Silence- Smoke
    Despised Icon -MVP
    Winds Of Plague- Anthems Of Apocalypse
    In The Midst Of Lions - Herod's Demise

  • Breakdowns Crushing Our Mind!

    Winds Of Palgue - The Impaler
    All Shall Perish - Wage Slaves
    Despised Icon - Day Of Mourning
    Happy Face - Prophetie Des Fouines
    Waking The Cadaver - Chased Through The Woods By A Rapist

  • I love Architects - To the Death [2008] from 1.35 to 2.08
    Also the end of Oceano - Districts of Misery

    (both are in breakdowns vid - see link in sig)

  • King Conquer - Decomposing Normality

    pretty amazing breakdowns and if you haven't heard of them you should check them out and they are currently preparing to release a new album sometime within the next few months called America's most haunted

    We're like captains at war, we'll get followed to hell
  • suicide silence-unanswered
    bmth-pray for plagues
    job for a cowboy-entombment of a machine
    carnifex-lie to my face
    as blood runs black-my fears become phobias
    lamb of god-laid to rest(it's not a deathcore,but breakdown in this song is great)

  • Soliders Of Immortality - Thy Art is Murder
    Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation - Whitechapel.
    Kangaz Korva - Murder For a Week
    Oceano - Emapthy Of a Leviathan.
    School Girl Knife Fight - Zone D'Gorotica.

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 12 Aug 2010, 00:46
    Postmortem Promises - Impalement of the Martyr
    At the Sunset - Forget Our Curses
    Decrepity - The Decaying of Evolution
    Murder in Greenwich - 1 LB of Flesh, no more no less
    Martyr Defiled - Flawless
    Murder on the Dancefloor - Reality T.V. Can Suck My Left Nut

  • All Shall Perish - There Is No Business To Be Done on a Dead Planet
    As I Lay Dying - 94 hours (I know it's no deathcore but the breakdown is awesome)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 29 Dec 2010, 07:02
    Chelsea Grin-Recreant
    The Color Morale-Hummaniquin (Metalcore, whatever.)
    Despised Icon-MVP
    The Ghost Inside-Between the Lines

  • ^ Recreant makes me want to kill and strangle the hopeless victims in the mosh pit :) its rather nice

    We're like captains at war, we'll get followed to hell
    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 17 Feb 2011, 13:32
    One of my favorite Breakdowns of all time would have to be the one in Conducting From The Grave's song The Calming Effect. So god damn catchy!!! Conducting From The Grave

    • ZEN_268 said...
    • User
    • 2 May 2011, 21:55
    Of Buried Hopes - Beyond The New Beginning

  • Breakdowns are pointless, generic, and overrated. GET OVER THEM, THEY'RE IN EVERY DEATHCORE SONG THAT HAS EVER BEEN MADE.

    It's my penis and with it, I shall do as I please.
  • All Shall Perish - Eradication
    Cattle Decapitation - From The Grave (I know , they're Death)
    Thy Art is Murder - Whore to a chainsaw
    whitehcapel - This is Exile
    The Black Dahlia Murder - Miasma

  • "Left to Rot" - Rose Funeral
    "Cruor Viaticus" - Molotov Solution
    "Serpents" - Annotations of an Autopsy
    "Soldiers of Immortality" - Thy Art is Murder
    "A Pure Evil" - All Shall Perish
    "Deadworld Reclamation" - And Hell Followed With
    "The Systems Failure" - Beneath the Massacre
    "In Coalesce With Filth and Faith" - Carnifex
    "In Volupate Mors" - Hiroshima Will Burn
    "Empathy for Leviathan" - Oceano
    "Thy Devourer" - Red Shore
    "Abaddon's Horde" - With Blood Comes Cleansing

  • "An Autopsy" - The Faceless
    "Overdose" - Signal the Firing Squad
    "Herod's Throne" - In the Midst of Lions

  • I Declare War- Destroy the Weak
    Rose Funeral- Redeemer of Flesh
    Whitechapel- Of Legions
    Chelsea Grin- Recreant

  • I declare war - The Dot
    Whitechapel - The somatic defilement
    Suicide silence - you only live once
    Oceano - Samael the destroyer
    Traitors - Irreversible
    Infant Annihilator - Decapitation Fornication
    Gladiators - Skeletons
    Overlooker - Anxiety
    Overlooker - Awareness
    CBTTOR - Black
    Stratagem - Utopia
    Indigestion - Cuntkiller
    Chelsea Grin - My Damnation

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