The "New" Sound of Narrow Stairs

  • The "New" Sound of Narrow Stairs

    After listening to the three tracks that have been "released" off of Narrow Stairs so far, I, along with a number of other DCFC fans, have come to the conclusion that Narrow Stairs will be an album much like Death Cab's beginning work and much less like Plans.

    But at the same time, I feel that Pity and Fear is a great example of this, they're stepping in a different direction musically.

    So I'm just asking if you guys feel the same way I do, and if not, why?

    • ghaefb said...
    • User
    • 4 May 2008, 11:13
    Listening to the new album.. after a day I still have pretty mixed feelings about the "new" sound. I can't seem to decide if it sounds more like an old Photo Album... or more like something new. Which is actually cool :)

    These tracks have caught my ear so far:

    Bixby Canyon Bridge,
    Grapevine Fires,
    I Will Possess Your Heart.

    But like all DCFC albums I'm expecting to get caught up later by some random track that I didn't like at first. :)

  • I really like this album. But it definitely doesn't sound like their older stuff, atleast not to me.
    Bixby Canyon Bridge is a really good song.
    Thus far, the only one I don't like is I Will Posses Your Heart.

  • first 2 songs great, after that its all average,
    bixby canyon bridge is amazing.

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