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Created on: 6 Oct 2007
For All fans of DoA (2005-2007).

Terror has given birth to a violence new bleed of Harsh EBM from Los-Angeles, California. DoA is the rising and most brutal act to step forward into the Dark Electro

"There is no greater hell than to be a prisoner of fear" Ben Johnson

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  • DeathInEcstasy

    скорей бы новый альбом!

    12 Aug 2010 Reply
  • Kaltenhoenn

    They're everything for me... Or were...

    3 Apr 2010 Reply
  • yuana20

    RAYNE :/ love DoA <3

    28 Mar 2010 Reply
  • DeaThVaC

    Kris!!!!!!..... Why go backwards.....

    20 Dec 2009 Reply
  • DarK_Helheim

    Hello fellow DoA lovers and fans ! Greetings from the country of Lord Dracula a.k.a. Romania =D . Really nice group here ^^ glad I've found you XD

    2 May 2009 Reply
  • SweetTenderness

    check it : http://www.lastfm.ru/music/The+Mind`s+Edge

    28 Nov 2008 Reply
  • Eclipse666

    DS is on top=D

    12 Oct 2008 Reply
  • SweetTenderness

    look at last albums of P9 and x-fusion - it's f*cking bullsh*t...

    27 Aug 2008 Reply
  • DJ_Tyrant

    It's a real shame about Lynette (Rayne) & Garrison (Relic) leaving the band. They were really great to hang out with when we played with DoA. Khris has always been more into the metal side of the sound though. To be honest, his new live vocals, which are totally without distortion are fucking impressive as hell. New live interpretations of their old songs with guitars and bass sounded really tight too. Don't be to quick to judge their next album. I know I'll reserve judgement on the 'metal direction' until I actually hear it!

    26 Aug 2008 Reply
  • DJ_Tyrant

    Vicious Alliance has just added our latest song Where Soldiers Fall to our Last.FM page. This track is far more Dark Electro than our other more TerrorEBM tracks, but if you like that sound too please click on over and give it a listen. The song can be found on the "Extreme Women of the Dark Future: Female Fronted Electro Bands" compilation available from machineKUNT records. "Buy" links to her label are provided on our album page. Constructive criticism is always appreciated so please don't hesitate to leave us feedback. Thank you!

    26 Aug 2008 Reply
  • SweetTenderness

    look at group's description...group for al doa-fans (2005-2007), 2008-now and in future - black/death/industrial..

    25 Aug 2008 Reply
  • SickPerversions

    Stil on top. :D Didnt hear about that black metal territory crap but they`ll lose me if they go that way. The second album is by my opinion the best. Great music on the rest as well. :) Loving 'em!

    13 Aug 2008 Reply
  • rawhead83

    Miss Rayne has departed from the band. From what I hear, DOA is heading into more black metal territory. I wasn't feeling the guitar sound when I saw em live. : /

    10 Aug 2008 Reply
  • SweetTenderness

    DoA in top >.<

    6 May 2008 Reply
  • Eclipse666

    nice weekly charts

    18 Mar 2008 Reply
  • Eclipse666

    MUSE! >:|

    12 Mar 2008 Reply
  • SweetTenderness

    second idea really nicely ;)

    13 Feb 2008 Reply
  • Eclipse666

    Manson... Lacrimosa(!!!) omg. maybe it's time to delete some users from the group or... simply kill themselves xD

    8 Feb 2008 Reply
  • Eclipse666

    Manson... Lacrimosa(!!!) omg. maybe it's time to delete some users from the group or... simply kill themselves xD

    8 Feb 2008 Reply
  • SweetTenderness

    what a fuck? Manson? Apocalyptica? Pink Floyd? Deathstars? and the star of the evening - HIM...

    20 Jan 2008 Reply
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