Who can drive a car ?

  • Who can drive a car ?

    Is there anybody in this group who can drive a car ?
    Mostly I'm walking around or using the public transportation ..
    For longer distance the bike ... so ... never had a drivings licence ...
    And you ?

  • i got one, but i prefer riding the bicycle. it just takes hours to find a parking lot or something similar.

  • any temptation problems ... meaning is it hard to take the bike if you know you could take the car ??

  • when the weather is fine (sunny, warm) riding the bicycle is so much fun. so i wouldn't say i want to use the car then.

    if it's just cold i got nor problems either. you just have to dress warm enough.

    what i really don't like is the rainy weather. in such a case i take the car or the bus

    what about you?

  • I just use the bike if I'm in a hurry but then even in winter ... normally I walk (for every distance under 3km) or take bus and train (for farther destinations ;) ..
    about driving a car: I will learn how to drive a car as soon as I stop drinking :)

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  • With a car you can drive home together and still be in a bad mood.
    Share a bicycle back and by the time you get there you'll be friends again...

    and no, I can't drive.

  • I refused succesful to get my driving-license...
    but who really needs it? Everybody got the license. I can do everything by riding my bike. And if there's something I really can not do by bike, I have to find somebody who wants to drive me... And until now I always found someone.
    so... I don't need the license indeed... =)

  • most people obviously are addicted to their cars. no one joined here for ages now

  • man, where are you people coming from?

    I'm from Upper Austria, and you are so fuckin screwed, if you can't drive a car...

  • I'm from almost-mid-germany, or call it upper-Bavaria =) so we could talk in german, but that wouldn't be nice to all the non-german groupmembers ;)

    Once you got a car, you will always need one.
    If you never had one, you will never miss one.

  • i don't have a driving license, what doesn't mean that i'm not able to drive a car...
    however up to now i never had the money to do the license, and i won't have it in the near future as well, so... my bike is going to stay my best friend. =)

  • I can drive...

    ...but riding a bike is so much more fun.

    Also, I'm very stingy, so I don't like to pay for gas or parking.

    Furthermore, I like to get some exercise every day, so I always bike or walk to work. [In very few cases in the past 25 years have I had to take a car to work or school--BTW, just by joining I raised the average age of the group by 3 years.]

    I'm not saying I never drive anywhere [especially if I have to go long distance or if I have to carry a lot], but I prefer NOT to drive if possible.

    Besides, drivers around here are terrible, and getting worse every day.

  • I must admit that I love driving my old car when in the countryside (I grew up there) but it's nonsense in city like the one I live now. And cycling/racing wildly through the city is just far more fun, then driving or even taking the subway.

    MondayMassacre: I'm from Lower Austria ;)

    Check out: http://critical-mass.info/

  • I got a licence when i was 34. 1st car when i was 37 (lost the licence 3 days later!). Drive to and from work now as its 30km away, but use the bike for everything else (except long trips - visiting friends 600km away at the weekend, so prob use the car for that (but taking the bike!)).

    Nice to see a lady dark rebel biker on here who his even older than me :P Respect, Nancy


  • Quit the car several months ago. Been cycling or taking the train to work. Love the ride to the work, it is so much better than driving.


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  • i drive from m-f to go to work. but use my bike for everything on the weekend.

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