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    Here's a cool new picture of Danny's bronze kit off the Paiste website (possibly taken on their current US tour):

  • I want it. Looks like hours of fun.

    It's not fair for drummers. All our shit is expensive for decent quality stuff. Ill be 80 before i have the kit of my dreams.

  • If this kit isn't the the typical prog execess I don't know what is. Carey is beyond cool.

  • I don't know, I don't see that as typical prog excess. :P
    Portnoy's kit would much more qualify as that. In Danny's case, if you remove the electronics (which are pretty much indispensable because of all the percussion stuff going on in a lot of Tool tracks) you have a fairly medium-sized kit, and he really uses the full extent of it on most songs. It's quite well thought out and he only has what he really needs.

  • I stand corrected: excess (english isn't my first language, but this was a typo)

    I'm not a drummer, just a drum fan, so my opinion isn't a specially informed one... Still, most drum kits I've seen are about half the size of Danny's -acoustic- set.

    In any case I say: go excess! nine plus min. songs makes for very interesting, sometimes extraordinary, music.

    PS: Please excuse any typo/bad grammar/etc. Once again, english isn't my first language.

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    • 11 May 2008, 17:18

    what s fuckin sexy sexy drum set! If anyone doesn't know, each one of those drums, are molded out of the same bronze alloy that Paiste uses to make their cymbals.

    I was lucky enough to get a snare drum made out of the bronze alloy lol, but i cant even begin to fathom how much two bass drums and four toms would would set back an average joe like you and me =p

    haha ahhhhh it just looking at this pic makes me all tingly inside =]

  • Eff sex.
    I could screw with this all day. ; )
    Beautiful kit.

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