• Zoomer said...
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    • 18 Aug 2004, 09:06

    Fav artists

    I liked all sorts of dancehall and reggae for ages but i'm still finding new and old artists that i never heard of before so to hear you favs would be nice.

  • My favs are Mellow Mark (German) and Seeed (English/German)


    • Scoobay said...
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    • 4 Dec 2005, 20:11
    Oh yes Seeed is great. But me nah like Mellow Mark cuz humm... me nah like his root style. Further great Artists are:
    *General Degree
    *Ward 21
    *Mr. Vegas

    Berlin flavour!
    • ncJay said...
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    • 27 Jan 2006, 10:18
    Hum, my personal favs :

    -Wayne Wonder
    -Elephant Man
    -Bounty Killer
    -Baby Cham
    -Mr Vegas
    -Vibz Cartel

    cya =)

    • wrick said...
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    • 8 Feb 2006, 08:06

    ya mon check these

    buju banton
    garnett silk
    damian marley
    tanya stephens
    lady saw

    rasta :)

    • Scoobay said...
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    • 23 Feb 2006, 07:41
    Vybz Kartel is written this way! And I want do add him to my list ;-)

    Berlin flavour!
  • fav artists

    Chukki Starr
    Wayne Wonder
    Damian Marley
    Cutty Ranks
    Warrior King

    new an old ... but all good!

    -- djtriplea
  • my dancehall favs:

    Bounty Killer
    Beenie Man
    General Degree

  • Patrice
    Damian Marley

    <Reggae got soul>
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  • Lady Saw
    Ragga Twins

  • fav

    damian marley
    culcha candela
    martin jondo(!)

  • seeed
    asian dub foundation
    culcha candela
    anthony b.
    damian marley
    vavamuffin :D
    natural dread killaz
    maleo reggae rockers

    jah-mek-ya feel alright :D
  • Buju Banton
    Sizzla Kalonji
    Peter Tosh

    Now if you fall, answer your call
    through rain or strom, I'll keep you warm
    Really a friend now, until the end now,
    Never let you down down down
    never let you down down down
    • penkner said...
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    • 19 Nov 2006, 16:26
    SEEED is really worth listening.

    Asian Dub Foundation
    Manu Chao
    Sean Paul

    Rota Fortunae volvitur
  • I really recommend you a band VAVAMUFFIN
    it's a polish band, but it's awesome xD

    jah-mek-ya feel alright :D
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 8 Jan 2007, 14:25
    lady saw
    :D :D

  • U-Roy
    Horace Andy
    Dennis Brown
    Jah Cure
    Admiral Bailey

    Bring back the old time greats :-)

    <> "If Reggae Be The Food Of Life, Feed ME." <>

    {G.I.A.}[Open Source Software for Open Minds]{G.I.A.}

    Peace & Love
  • elephant man is simply the best!!!

    bounty killer
    burro banton

  • My favs are:

    Beenie Man
    Elephant Man
    Vybz Kartel

    • drippz said...
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    • 11 Mar 2007, 03:33
    chuck fender
    lukie d
    buju banton

    and many many more

    its about time...
  • re: fav artist

    pour moi c raggasonic même si c a lancienne mai les zik a lancienne son souven les meilleur ^^sinon ya ossi monsieur lézard je v acheter son album il a lair detre super !

    "il n'y a qu'un seul dieu et quelque soit le nom qu'on lui donne louons le"
  • notch, bounty, mavado, busy

  • mmmhh

    here're my favs probably:

    bob marley
    elephant man
    tanya stephens
    anthony b
    general degree
    lady saw

    reggae takes some time, but if you're into once, you can't stop...

    unluckily i must admit, i'm onto an "indie wave" at the moment, but i listen to all the reggae artists, though...there'll be a time i listen to them every day!!

    ..is it over?
  • I would say Vybz Kartel is my favorite, but Idonia and Movado comes a close second and third.

  • Red Fox
    Jah Cure
    Beenie Man

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