Can you recommend me some music?

  • Can you recommend me some music?

    I'm in a bit of trouble here. You see, my new girlfriend is rastafari. I am her total opposite, but I love her to death, and music is tearing us appart.

    Pretty much the only thing from my library we both can listen to in peace is Ott and .

    On the other hand I'm sick of Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill and Sean Paul (not that I don't like them, but they are so over-played) so I really really need new artists I can show her before I become a music nazi and delete all of her music folders, lol.

    edit: nevermind.

    (\ /)
    ( . .)
    This is cute bunny. I will kill cut cute bunny into little pieces if you don't join Electronica and start listening to Alaaaaaaarrrrmaaaaaaaaa!!!
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  • well, I would recommend you Brick & Lace or Beenie Man. it's some dancehall/r&b. ;)

  • Busy Signal, Assassin, Aidonia, Movado, Fanton Mojah, Luciano, Turbulence, Gyptian, Nanko, Morgan's Heritage, Etana, Queen Ifrica, Elephant Man, Sizzla

    some of those are dancehall, some are reggae, some are both.
    Hope that helps.

  • Sean Paul & Shaggy the best dance music.

    • Zoomer said...
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    • 18 Jul 2009, 16:04
    Looking at your play list and what you like you may want to take a looking into or you may find something you both like.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 19 Jul 2009, 18:48

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 30 Dec 2009, 10:52
    why not try this Chimezia. got free downloads..

  • Ey man, you ave to understand your girlfriend man, you can not pull some nazi trixx cause she is attached to those artists, having them alone means something, dancehall fanatics get intimate with who they like.....
    You can try, i wish you all the best, but it should not b hard to find it on lastfm, try searching, it's rally fun

  • better try not to...

    if you just can't relate with rasta lifestyle you better not try toget involved with her too's not just the music that separates you,it's her lifestyle,and i bet that you can't just change yourself in a few days just for her sake...i know i wouldn't try to...and it doesn't matter who it is,if you don't match,you just don't match...i wish you luck anyways!

    • Akana_ said...
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    • 7 Jul 2011, 08:42

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