• My top 10 of 2009

    30 Dec 2009, 14:00 by garydavidson83

    1 eaststrikewest - Wolvves
    Whilst Oceansize are busy writing a new album eaststrikewest have taking over the reigns of the UKs best experimental band. The debut is full of cinematic strings, spiralling guitar and the best vocal display since Martin Grech entered the scene.

    2 Fall of Efrafa - Inlé CD/2xLP
    The final chapter in their series called "The Warren of Snares" sees the band move into the realms of epic post-metal. Stunning music, excellently recorded and all packaged in some of the finest artwork, a band the UK could really be proud of.

    3 And So I Watch You From Afar - And So I Watch You From Afar
    ASIWYFA have added layers of energy and passion to create some party post-rock. Never a dull moment on the album or on the live stage.

    4 Latitudes - Agonist
    In 'Antechamber' this album contains one of the best songs written this decade, slabs of riffage and simmering guitar building on the solid foundations of some great drum work and solid thunderous bass, the vocals act as a kiss on the lips after receiving a sledge hammer to the face. Latitudes follow on and surpass their previous release with this great release on shelsmusic.

    5 Giant Squid - The Ichthyologist
    One of the finest progressive thinking bands in America deliver a jaw dropping second album. Filled with violin, creepy vocals, trumpets, thunderous riffage and everythig in between, Giant Squid are a head fuck all beautifully packaged and released by Translation Loss records.

    6 Red Stars Parade - Lutine Belle
    Sadly this has become the last release from the band as they have recently split up, that means you can now get it very cheaply from their record label, thirty days of night. A thunderous, ball ripping, face pounding slab of progressive sludge metal from the UK. Featuring the stunning title track "Lutine Belle".

    7 Codes In The Clouds - Paper Canyon
    A lot of bands try and do post-rock and fail, Codes In The Clouds rose to the challenge and delivered a album of stunning songs. Never a boring or tried moment on this album. Definitely for lovers of any of the big post rock bands, fit perfectly in between mono and explosions in the sky.

    8 City of Ships - Look What God Did To Us
    A superb album, heavy yet varied. Offering a different sound with each song this album covers so much ground but sounds so fresh and original. Not trying to copy anyone else.

    9 The Mire - Volume: I
    Featuring an ex member of Bossk this first release is obviously going to get compaired to Bossk, for me its Bossk turned to 11 without all the build ups, straight up riffs. Great vocal work and some stunning instrumentation show a glimmer of what is to come from this band. Superb artwork also adds to this great release.

    10 Wolves in the Throne Room - Black Cascade
    Continuing where they left off the masters of progressive black metal post-rock supply more of their stunning tunes. Simply mind blowing that the changes fit so smoothly from two totally different genres.
  • 2008 Ten of the Best (albums)

    9 Nov 2008, 14:50 by mat35

    Not been wow’d away by all that much this year. Not that that’s a bad thing. 2008 the year of change, the year of Rat or at least more or less eleven twelfths of it is/has been. 2008 the year of quality over quantity.

    Early as ever, I am with these things, but in the age of the internet if you haven’t heard it by mid-November it’s out next year. So…

    My Top Ten:

    10) A Silver Mt Zion as Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band with 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons
    Bombastic vocal Post-Rock from people that brought us such godliness as God Speed! You Black Emperor. This isn’t on the same level as that, and is more in your face get it straight away stuff than previous outings, so those who like it deep might be a little off put, Efrim’s vocals also could also be a little off putting for some people. I don’t entirely mind all that much to be honest, it has a distinctive flavour and is a good album in it’s own light. A light that will probably remain over shadowed for many by it’s gigantic brothers and sisters.

    9) Coldplay with Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends
    In my Metal loving days of yesteryears Five seconds before I heard this album, I would have berated myself for considering it a good album, after all it is Coldplay. Who have previously never previously produced anything more than a good collection of singles that on there own merits are decent, but played back to back quickly cause high levels of boredom. This however is quite the opposite no real singles as such other than the it’s namesake which I shocked not to have seen in a sporting montage. I don’t I know what I can say to get you to listen to it because they are one of those bands. I suppose when you’re influences are U2 and Radiohead you’re just asking to have some quarters to refuse to listen to you.. But do, it’s a pleasant surprise.

    8) Mogwai with The Hawk is Howling
    One of my favourite bands, have been for the past two years, since the days I went to college in Manchester and Mr Beast adverts were literally plastered at every visible angle. Nothing really new here, to be honest there probably not that much they can did with regards to changing there sound, but quality wise the maintain their typically high standards. One notable thing is there are no vocals at all. None. No one on the telephone, no sample Iggy Pop chatting on about crap, none guy out of Super Furry Animals. Pick out tracks is Scotland’s Shame and the first single Batcat.

    7) Venetian Snares with Detrimentalist
    Gentlemen. Usually I’m a bigger fan of the Rossz csillag alatt született type Vsnares albums, and for now that will a far as I’m concerned will remain to be Aaron Funk’s magnum opus. That said this from the word go produces a party in my ears. This album his more Drum’n’Bass and Dub influenced than those previous to it, yet is very typically Vsnares with mad breaks. It’s just that this time it makes you want to dance and party more than ever before.

    6) Peter Broderick with Home
    Ever since I “discovered” the beauty of this man’s music when he supported Efterklang last year have I claimed his genius, and such a departure from ones usually sound can only come in one of a few categories. Sell out, disaster, or genius. This of course is genius. His usual beautiful ambience and piano melodies are replaced by with acoustic folkiness, and vocal melodies. Comparable to the likes of Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver, just better than one, almost as the other. Of course it’s hardly shocking he can write/play in a different style to which he often does, after all he is a multi-multi instrumentalist, and one of the greatest musicians I’ve had the pleasure of seeing live.

    5) Peter Broderick with Float
    Bet you wasn’t expecting that! Yes, he scores two in a row. This album is his signature sound that I have come to love with the European Tour CD and Docile. Peaceful and tranquil, I’d recommend to anyone, and everyone. We can’t go at 100mph all the time, and this album is perfect to relax to.

    4) Portishead with Third
    This band are relatively new to me, having discovered them pretty due to this album coming out, and the push it was being given. It’s great! I’ve since gone on to grab hold of the two previous studio releases one of which Dummy challenges Mezzanine for greatness. But let’s rant about this album. The music is dark, eerie, and oddly beautiful. Beth’s voice can only be described as hypnotic - amazing - beautiful. This release more or less optimise the theme of the year (quality over quantity) as it is the first release from the band in over 9 or 10 years I believe! The Rip and Machine Gun are particular favourites of mine.

    3) Sigur Ros with Með Suð i Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust

    Not many bands are in the top 20 or my 3 month, 6 month, 12 month, and Overall (4 year) charts… In fact there are only two. Mogwai and Sigur Ros. Oddly enough neither of which at the moment I have seen live. I unfortunately had to yet again pass on Mogwai the other week because of being poor. Sigur Ros however is all fully booked and just waiting to happen in a few weeks… And I can’t wait one little second.. If I closed my eyes right now and suddenly it was time for me to get the coach down to London I’d be one happy boy! Oh, and did I mention they are number one on my overall charts.

    What was that waffle all for you might ask, well you don’t get that consistently high on my charts without having a number of great albums, and yes, you’ve guess it. Með Suð i Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust is another great album. In many ways it’s very similar to Takk, in many ways it’s not. The opening track for instance wouldn’t go a miss side by side with an Animal Collective (circa FeelsFeels) track. Yet it soon becomes signature Ros, but the transition is smooth it’s not like one second you’re listening to Animal Collective next Sigur Ros, oh no. It’s Sigur Ros all the way through. In that essence the album is more like one big journy of a track than many different songs. Nevertheless it’s one top notch album.

    2) M83 with Saturdays = Youth

    Fresh, Retro: I can’t think of two more juxtaposed adjectives, especially when it comes to describing music. However when thinking of how to describe M83’s new outing Saturdays = Youth. They both pop to mind almost instantly. Whereas previous M83 albums sound like an up-to-date reprisal of classic showgaze, Saturdays is the most perfect eighties pop album for the noughties. Everything from the album sleeve to the first and last beat screams “nineteen eighties!” loudly and proudly however what’s inside is so modern it, so much so it’s almost unbelievable. Yet it is believable, M83 make it believable.

    1) Bon Iver with For Emma, Forever Ago
    Recorded and released in America last year, Bon Iver finally hit these shores and my ears around May of this year. For Emma, Forever Ago is a collection of personal, heart warming modern folk songs. On first listen you think it can’t get much better than this. On second you think the same, or the hundredth and so on you still think the same. That is all until you see Justin and his band live. Oh my. Over shadowed only by the might My Bloody Valentine this year… The show? It’s a show stopper! After seeing that and dare I, dare I say it: this man could be as good as Jeff Buckley. Unfortunately I’ll never have the chance to see the late great Buckley live, but his works are masterful and his voice was all so amazing. Justin’s works are also on an extremely high level and I have never heard a better vocalist live. He packed out the medium size Academy 2 in Manchester earlier this year. If he keeps up this quality I can only see him getting bigger and bigger.

    Well that's it for now. Might do a Best of Gigs, Tracks, and EPs/singles as the weeks to 2009 count down.
  • Naisian - Naisian EP

    19 May 2009, 20:12 by garydavidson83

    naisian - Naisian EP

    Naisian hail from Sheffield one of the countries most recent hot beds of activity. With so much going on in that section of the country its no wonder that this EP covers quite a few influences. Opening track ‘Mile Upon Mile’ starts with some great delicate guitar work and some crashing cymbals with a vocal effect not too dissimilar to that used by Mogwai. The song sucks you in before rising with a deeper riff under cutting the light post-rock sound of the opening guitar. From there the drums gather round and pull the song back to a slower pace. From here the song closes out in more intricate guitar that leads into track two.

    ‘The Shore’ carries off where the last track started but soon explodes with some deep heavy riffing that would not be out of place on a The Miramar Disaster song. Deep vocals accompany the music before the guitars spin off a few more galloping riffs. As with the previous song the music loops and swirls before settling back down to a smother pattern with the return of the Mogwai/Jesuesq vocal sounds.

    The third track ‘Oppenheimer’ if a far dirtier effort with some sludgy guitar and low rumbling bass which runs over the constantly moving drum work. In points in breaks off to an eerie, evil sounding section before the guitar sounds lead you back into the throttling vocals and pounding drums.

    Closing track ‘Elif’ is quite simply an all encompassing beast collecting together a taste of all the different styles that have eloped during the EP. This 9 minute monster has it all pounding drums, swirling guitar, neck breaking riffs, crushing vocals and a slow bleak finish.

    Naisian are another welcome edition to the UK underground scene and can easily compete for ear space along with bands such as The Mirimar Disaster, Flatlands, Manatees and Capguns.
  • Manatees - Icarus, The Sunclimber

    19 May 2009, 20:53 by garydavidson83

    Manatees have been battering around the UK scene for quite a few years now and offer up another glorious slab of doom laden sludge with ‘Icarus, The Sunclimber’. Manatees burst onto the UK scene and quickly released their superbly titled debut ‘The Forever Ending Jitter Quest Of Slowhand Chuckle Walker- An Introduction To The Manatee’. A tour EP (’We Are Going To Track Down And Kill Vintage Claytahh The Beard Burning Bastard’) and split with The Freezing Fog (‘Manafog‘) later and eyesofsound records signed the trio from Carlise. For those that don’t know Manatees ‘Icarus, The Sunclimber’ is as good a place to start as any.

    Opener ‘Of Wax And Wing’ is a short two minute track that not only introduces you to the album but also the sound of Manatees. A slow rumble of bass builds around some steady drumming before long vocals rip through the now looping bass riff, screeching guitar wraps round the cymbal crashes and the bass wrestles with the deep screams. This really is a good taster of what your going to receive with Manatees but the order they deliver it always keeps it refreshing.

    The brief opener parts way and in comes ‘The Sunclimber’ this 14 minute epic is dripping with doom. The bass takes the lead to play the slow thunderous beats, while the drums crash through them. The guitar however plays a steady clean sound. It is the guitar work under the deep bass sounds which brings out a unique aspect of Manatees work. No matter how crushing and heavy Manatees get they always seem to have a sense of uplifting in their music. There is an undercurrent of clean guitar work that harpoons through the murk of the bass and pounding drums. Its like taking the sounds of Tephra and Omega Massif and playing them at the same time as a *shels epic.

    ‘Hyperion Altitude’ comes rushing through your speakers like a sea of lava and once again Manatees offer up a huge slab of crushing noise which leads to the superb ‘Untitled’. Live manatees are a feast of music and this track brings some of their ‘multi-drumming’ to record. Vocals wrap round the pounding tribal drums before exploding into a haze of static.

    The album is closed with another epic. ’Out of the Sky, Into the gutter’ once again shows manatees ability to create something beautiful out of something that begins like a swift kick to the balls. The sheer heaviness of the sounds created is enough to rival Black Sheep Wall, yet the guitar can also at the same time create a glorious sound as it slowly moves from the shadow of the percussion and bass.

    Manatees have laid slabs of slow burning noise to record once again and be sure to catch them playing this live. The only flaw that can be found with this album is the production is not as clear sounding as you may hope. But who knows this could always be the way of the Manatee. It certainly does not detract from the sheer destruction that awaits the listener. Manatees are doing something that other bands are not, in this day and age its rather to have music that is so unique and so good.
  • Admiral Angry - The music of Daniel Krauss

    17 Jun 2009, 19:04 by garydavidson83

    Earlier this year Daniel Krauss a 22 year old musician died after enduring Cystic Fibrosis for most of his life.

    The music of his band Admiral Angry is to be released via *shelsmusic from the *shelsmusic webstore.


    The following is the press release concerning the death of Daniel Krauss -

    "Dear friends and family,

    On Wednesday afternoon we received the shocking and sad news that Daniel Krauss, guitarist and driving force of Admiral Angry passed away. Daniel had been battling with Cystic Fibrosis for most of his life and was taken ill last week with with flu/cold like symptoms - according to what we've been told, after a failed surgery he was pronounced brain dead on Tuesday and later passed away on Wednesday afternoon. He was 22 years old.

    This loss has come as a complete shock to all of us and has been especially painful to those who knew Daniel best. Our thoughts and prayers go to all his friends and family at this difficult time.

    Those of us who knew Daniel, even on brief encounters, will remember him as an extremely talented and creative soul, full of positive energy and passion for pushing the boundaries of music and art. In his limited life, Daniel managed to accomplish more than most folks could dream of and his art/music continues to reach and influence people around the world. Daniel's raw, honest and bold style was an absolute breath of fresh air and amongst his collection of work lies an unforgettable drawing he did for the album cover of his good friends Black Sheep Wall.
    Although he struggled with illness throughout his life, Daniel worked hard to never let it get in the way of his creativity and his passion. His departure from us is a huge loss not just to his friends and family, but to the creative community as a whole and we can only hope to take example from his many strengths and apply them to our own lives.
    If you wish to share your comments and or thoughts, you can reach Daniel's friends and family through the Admiral Angry myspace page www.myspace.com/admiralangry or Daniel's Myspace page www.myspace.com/danieldoom

    I hope we can take a page from Daniel's book and like him, work hard to reach our goals and make the most of every moment we have."

    For fans of -

    Black Sheep Wall
    The Melvins
    Will Haven
    Burning Witch

  • Grayceon - This Grand Show Review

    19 Aug 2009, 21:01 by garydavidson83

    My review of This Grand Show by Grayceon can be found at http://thesilentballet.com/dnn/Home/tabid/36/ctl/Details/mid/384/ItemID/2610/Default.aspx

    7.5 out of ten and an album fans of Giant Squid should really check out.
  • 200666....Sleven

    3 Jan 2007, 12:09 by mat35

    2006 was a cool fucking year... The best in recent memory, and in spite of popular belief I can remember beyond 2 weeks! Here lies most of the cream of Ohsix in CD terms... Then There were all those concerts starting and ending in DragonForce, with highlights of Anathema, Cult of Luna, Enslaved/Zyklon,1349, Nevermore and In Flames with Sepultura... And who could forget ever this years Wacken, and Damnation Festivals? Seeing Stampin' Ground for the last time ever, actual seeing Emperor, Atheist, and the mighty Celtic Frost!!! ... And then meeting Mike Amott (Ex-Carcass, Spiritual Beggars) and Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy in Hamburg airport... Meeting Greats Such as All of Nevermore, Sepultura, Bjorn and Jesper from In Flames, Marc Rizzo, Sam from DragonForce and many more Metal masters, and musicians! Ohsix was the win!

    But that was then... And this is now, this is Ohsept. And what this holds, I don't really know, but albums from 10 albums of 05 artists Jesu, Dark Tranquillity, Chimaira, and possible Arch Enemy release new albums, Cult of Luna are in Manchester again, another Wacken with a line up as good as last year, and maybe if my Dad is feeling nice, a trip to Dubai for Desert Rock... And I may attempt at going down Nottingham if I can (if tickets haven't sold out, to see Celtic Frost, Humblebesmithe is coming (if I'm going) whether he wants to or not, HAHAHA.... And there will no doubt be many more bumps and surprises along the way.

    Well this has been a cliché journal, and this is goodbye... See you soon!
  • 2008 - What is Coming Out?

    28 Feb 2008, 17:13 by mat35

    Seriously we've got to March and I've made orders on 3 new (released '08) CDs! Those being:

    An EP, The White by Agalloch. A mini-live-album We Lost the Skyline by Porcupine Tree. And final a full length album, 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons by The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band

    Although "too expensive to really be ordering when out of work", I'll probably make a pre-order on Smile by Boris within the week.

    Now, I know to expect release from Sigur Ros, Glassjaw, 65daysofstatic (Dance Parties EP), Anathema, The Fall of Troy, Brendan Canning, Mogwai, etc.. but it really doesn't seem like much compared to previous years..

    Maybe I'm just asking for too much! But if you know any good music coming out this year (that you think I might like) please recommend it me.
  • 65daysof.. Fuck Yes!! (Complete)

    8 Nov 2007, 00:51 by mat35

    What the fuck can I say?

    I got the gig a little early so had a drink in the Kro bar... On my own, cos people were ill, and/or busy and whatever. Got in before the merch even had change! So I went the bar to get a drink, after which I bought a fucking love 65daysofstatic t-shirt. Then I played Quadra-Pop, on my phone for a bit.. Follow get me second highest score, and forgetting
    to type my name name (like I did on my way to Leeds/Damnation/ArticFox and kid_a_01's when I scored my highest score.. And what a weekend that was! I saw the first band Palmstruck.. Who were fucking ace... sounding like what a post-rock Radiohead would sound like... In other words worth spending your money ons if not at least listening to.

    The Second band were.. well, I had a cig watched the first half of the football, went to have another cig.. And well that's where it gets interesting!

    However I'm tired and have keyboard skills in the morning... And have lessons and work till Saturday... So expect part two on Saturday.. Or early, and find out what is really fucking ace.. Unless you can read, shout boxes, and forum posts then I guess you already know!

    [A good few days later]Then after Palmstruck, off I went to watch the the football.. End of the first half got another drink went outside.. And there was my old history teacher Mr.Daxon... Blah, Blah, Who you here to see, "65" oh same.. Blah, Blah, I have a guest pass cos Ed Wolinski, Mr Wolinski is a father of Paul whos in the band.. "So I heard", yeah... His phone rings blah, blah.. Then we go upstairs and watch Youthmovie Soundtrack who were pretty good, the trumpet did make them a little more interesting, and met the Wolinskis.. The teachers by me beer, and when I ask Mr.Daxon what he want he told me to put my money away, and got me more.

    During the Cig break, between bands I saw the guitarist of the first band who was safe, gave him a cig.

    65 themselves were bloody fantastic. Powerful, dancey, and most importantly full of energy which soared all the way to the back... Retreat! Retreat! was missed, but the smooth flow of the gig, no stopping and useless taking... Just constant tuneage. I heard people say the newer material real comes to life when they are live, and they correct people... As it just wash over you, in you, and makes you move.

    Straight after they finished Mr.Daxon gave me his pass... And I went up stairs with the Wolinskis. Then went in too the back stage area met the band talked, had a cig to them for a bit found out what computer programmes they use (Ableton Live for their live shows, Cubase for the writing and studio) and something else I've forgotten, sorry, might have been Sonar. And then a lift home! Was fucking epic, ace, the shiz, the sex, teh whatever word means good to the youth of today...

    And remember this even teachers can be safe. Thank you safe teachers.
  • Unholy Wacken Water - A Post-Wacken Review.

    8 Aug 2007, 18:11 by mat35


    A festival so good you have to scream it’s name when you are there!!

    Day One (Wednesday - This Flight Tonight)
    Setting off from Liam’s house at something like 8am (bst) we almost didn’t even make it beyond the M60!! Fucking crazy driver.. Anyway first flight and everything went smooth... Once we got in Hamburg, after a little debate we decided to go the bus-train-shuttle bus root.. That (of course) didn’t go to plan and ended up the Bus-Metro-Train-Big Shuttle Bus Que.. Fuck it Taxi-Mooch. Anyway, we got one of our tents set up, and then went for a beer and met some Northamptonshire folk (named – Joe (Andy), Tom, Shawn, and Chris) who were pretty safe and whom we met a few times after that night.. And basically drank.

    Day Two (Thursday – Drink Beer Watch Hatesphere)
    The title pretty much sums up everything from Thursday.. We (again drank) this time Liam get quite leathered after downing a load of mead. Me, and Liam watched Hatesphere and Terry stayed back at the bar and drank.. Hatesphere kept their usual high standards.. it was nice to see them to play such a big audience after watching them in front of so few at gigs like Gojira and Soilwork… It also marked the first time I had ever seen a band 4 times!! A record soon equalled.. Afterwards went back to the bar and all that .. Pretty sure it was this day we got talking to the German guy who was telling us about who his mum loves Wacken, and how he drinks in for breakfast, dinner and tea at Wacken (lol)! And the skint Swede, who had nothing on him, but snuff.. ..after a little while we returned to our tents.. and got chatting to our neighbours the “Orthodox Black Metaller” Haizum (not everyone in that group was member I think, but still) from Dudley.. A German guy, some guy from Norway, and probably a list of endless other people, who were also all safe. And got us saying “BöSE KIND!!” for the rest of the week.

    Day Three (Friday – A Blaze in the Northern Germany)
    After over sleeping, I fucked off to Black Dahlia Murder on my own real fucking quick, cos the other two were getting ready like girls on a Friday night.. I was pretty disappointed with this set as I thought the sound was pretty bad.. Which is a real shame for such a great band. After the break I raced back to the tent get fully ready, and brush my teeth double quicktime.. And at first I thought I did well! But then I found out that the lack of Amorphis on stage was because of a fire (of which my friends were pretty near).. So I decide to risk my time and go round the Metal Market again, and get some more shit (see below).. And when I got back Napalm Deathwere just starting.. However no one was allowed through the gates to the stage, although there were people on the other side anyway!! However they did eventually let us through, and then it became fully enjoyable.. However, because of being trapped on the wrong side I felt the show had something taken away from it. It was then after ND that Amorphis hit the stage, and played a good show.. Which Involved quite a few earlier songs I don’t know, but Alone and the Eclipse stuff alone it was well worth watching! Unfortunately because of the fire and stuff my friends ending up missing these two ^^. Later on in the day we kinda watched Turbonegro .. and had a good time to shit like FTW (Fuck The World) and Age of Pamparius.. Next up were Enslaved who we missed the beginning of put were fucking mind blowing anyway, another great set by the Norge Masters! After this other than about half or so of Blind Guardian and Iced Earth from the Beergarten we didn’t really watch anyone else this day. And the day fizzled away nicely.

    Day Four (Saturday– Beavis: “Yeah, we're in the bureau of beer and fire, and cigarettes… and maybe some chicks too.”
    Final day of muzak... And to start it off Dimension Zero play a nice set that gets a helluva lot more enjoyable towards the end we joined in the football with the bier holders!! After this we chill for a bit, before I go to watch the mighty Type O Negative.. Who though I wasn’t that high up on the list of bands I want to see after some bad rep, for hit and miss shows on the recent European tour.. However I’m more than glad I went to see them.. as it was certainly one of they’re hit shows.. Other than playing The Misinterpretation of Silence and Its Disastrous Consequences twice! :p … The last three songs pretty much were what made me love it so much playing Everyone I Love Is Dead Christian Woman and my favourite track Black No.1.. \m/ … Then I met them two to watch a bit of Moonsorrow however me and tez left after a few songs to watch Immortal who were tight and amazing, the fire breathing thing that Abboth did was cool.. Not comparable to the mighty Emperor last year.. but then again I was stood back for Immortal and I’m also a much bigger Emperor fan.. However still a good show.. Then off to see what we still could of Municipal Waste.. Which was actually quite a lot! And they were fucking frantic.. A brilliant show.. However the security were pricks through the set.. But the whole show was a laugh… I directed this kid backstage and he ran on the stage and did a massive stage dive.. Then it was kinda up to Tezzor and this guy twice the size of him, to protect this kid from the bouncer that was 2 twice the size of the other guy!! The band were fantastic and Liam crowd surfed over right at the end to where we were stood.. In Flames had already started.. And I was in fact singing their songs between MW songs.. But first we went to get the MW shirts that had just been put up at merch for Liam… I was frantically shout and thanks to one safe guy serving we got the very last [MW] shirt they had!! Lucky, it was the one Liam wanted anyway! Then we watched In Flames properly.. Them two at first refusing to enjoy it, especially after Ander seriously not yoking started to talk about Nuclear Blast.. But they couldn’t stop themselves from enjoying and let go half way through Only for the Weak.. The fireworks were a nice classy touch and there is no denying what a good show it was.. It was also the 4th time I had seen these guys as well!! After this we watched Cannibal Corpse, and later Metal Karaoke.. The DJ closed it early which was a bit of a :( as we were only one person away from getting in! But was a great time anyway.

    Day Five/Six (Sunday/Monday – The Great Cold Distance)
    Getting Back from Wacken to the Airport was much easier than I thought it would be.. And we arrived at the airport at about 2pm on Sunday… However our flight wasn’t until Monday morning so we just had to chill and wait… The shouts of Wacken when the lights went down were funny.. And it was nowhere near as bad (mind numbing) as we feared.. After the long wait it was clear sailing from there.. Other than almost choking to death on a travel sweet before the plane had even moved! Hahaha..

    Memorable Event Forgetten Day
    I can’t remember which day it was but I’d also like to mention those people who shouted “it’s spiderpig!!” to us.. Who were totally not expecting the answer “We know innit it’s the Simpsons”

    Bought Shit
    Nasum (Blue - Shift)
    Ulver (red - long sleeve -Blood Inside)
    Mayhem (red - Deathcrush)
    Anaal Nathrakh (red Eschaton)

    Zip Hood:
    Dark Tranquillity


    The white Wacken trucker cap.. again.


    Amorphis - Tuonela
    Amorphis - AM Universum
    Hellhammer - Apocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D.
    ...and Oceans - The Symmetry Of I - The Circle Of O
    Enslaved - Monumension
    Solefald - Neonism
    Green Carnation - Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness
    Disembowelment - Disembowelment
    The Third And The Mortal - Project Bluebook: Decade of Endeavour

    And a fuck load of Wacken cups!

    Hope you enjoyed (if you were there).. See you next year and..


    (I’ll put the photos Liam put on myspace on flickr tomorrow or something)