off topic, sorry but in a dada group nothing is off topic!

  • off topic, sorry but in a dada group nothing is off topic!

    coming soon


    we’re organizing the supermetaparty!! it’s a web party whose date will be later communicated. A lot of free thinkers, indipendent artists, founders of groups and social networks and interesting people from all over the world are invited. The event will take place in our supermetapataphysical virtual space. Everyone who will be able to participate to the party even without the ufficial invitation will be admitted. Obviously there will be an abundant buffet, a classy free bar, plenty of music, performances and any kind of multimedia art form. Everything will follow a precise theme according to the supermetapataphysical manifesto and the taste of the founder. A mind open to combinations of ages, styles and expressive modalities is required, still everyone can contribute as much as they can. It’ll be an erratic and somehow nether path through reflecting surfaces ... Have a good following! " hours date time in Gm
    start 01.00 pm 04.21.2009 end 11.00pm 04.22.2009

    theme: alice in wonderland and through the looking glass

    volete mettere links alla vostra musica? fatelo nei threads, ad esempio Music!! cliccate sulle immagini, vedrete che qualcuna contiene sorprese...bene nelle discussioni seguenti potete fare la stessa cosa, ad esempio ]url=][img[]/img][/url[ con le parentesi messe nel buon senso é la prima immagine: si sceglie e si inserisce una foto come immagine e poi si tratta come un blocco unico mettendo il link nascosto in quella che é la parentesi url= e ricordandosi di chiudere alla fine del blocco con /url. o dicendo in altro modo:
    (url=l'indirizzo del pezzo che vuoi caricare)(img)indirizzo dell'immagine(/img)(/url)
    mettendo le parentesi quadre al posto delle tonde.

  • Actually, In a dada group, everything is off-topic.

    Long walks at night--
    that's what good for the soul:
    peeking into windows
    watching tired housewives
    trying to fight off
    their beer-maddened husbands.
    -And the Moon and the Stars and the World, by Charles Bukowski.
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