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    so who has actually seen the god live

    - Holy Mountain
  • I've never seen the god live (YET!). I'll be seeing him when he comes down to Los Angeles on October 13th!! Soo excited!

  • I like his music very much but I don't like the way you 'idolize' him. DB is just a great artist, but not god, even with a small 'g' :)

  • i still think he is a god

    - Holy Mountain
  • Love Devendra.
    I haven't seen him yet but I'm going in september, he's truly incredible.
    I agree
    A fucking God.

  • mxcnskwerl said:
    i still think he is a god

    then in this case what do you mean by this word (god)?

  • someone far more talented than anyone living on this planet

    - Holy Mountain
  • Im seeing him in october, when hes in tempe.

  • well im atheist so i guess he's my new god. :D

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 27 Aug 2007, 17:34
    did anyone read that ridiculous interview he did with linsday lohan?

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