Do your offline friends like DBSK?

  • Do your offline friends like DBSK?

    All of my female friends think Hero is hot >D and they love the music too... well, a couple just say "They sound like BSB/NSYNC" but they don't say they hate them.

    Mine were converted hehe, because in high school I had pics of Max on my binder. And in my room I have 13 DBSK poster + some full-page printed out pics, so they say "Oh, he is hot! (always about Hero)" and so I show them some music videos >D

    My father doesn't say anything bad about them either, and he says Max is a cute guy and he will be my future husband hehehe (this is strange, but the truth)

    • Geraldy said...
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    • 17 Jun 2007, 18:21
    Not really. My friends mostly listen to hip hop, basically all the music that is popular in the us. But they think its cool that I listen to different types of music, I had a dbsk picture with me at school and my friends though micky was hot xD.

    • m-flo said...
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    • 18 Jun 2007, 22:32
    Most of my friends listen to whatever's on tv. A select few actually like them, I think only one doesn't, but he doesn't bash them.

    One of my friends is scary, and obsessed with Yunho. :D'

    DBSK and SuJu are on my binder, and everyone says they're ugly. ;; They don't have taste! They like ... Usher, and Chris Brown. Blah.

    • loveYH said...
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    • 19 Jun 2007, 10:57
    i converted a girl who used to not think any asian guys were hot. now she drools all over dbsk. am i good or what >:)

  • Yeah, most people around here listen to Top 40 rap... even the ones that think TVXQ are good. :S Some of them say K-hiphop & R&B sound like Amr. hiphop & R&B.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 8 Jul 2007, 02:37

  • Only about 3 or 4 of my offline friends like them; another friend thinks they're OK~ Most of my friends listen to Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, and all the popular stuff on the radio these days. D8 I listen to it too, but I listen to DBSK way more.

    • katzk said...
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    • 12 Jul 2007, 11:52
    I never really introduced DBSK to my friends, so the answer is no. But - I made friends with a few girls who I met through DBSK scene, so that adds a tiny yes too. :)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 19 Aug 2007, 15:22
    I have maybe 3 or 5 friends that like DBSK in my real life~ But that's all :/

    • busha69 said...
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    • 30 Aug 2007, 02:51
    No way...well,i´m fan of metal and rock music and my friends are mostly only people from metal community.They know i listen some "weird asian pop" but that´s all:)

  • some of my friends think they are really awesome and then some just don't understand how much i love them...but they think they are hot and have great vocals!!

    동방신기 WHAITING!!!
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 30 Mar 2008, 18:59
    My offline friends didn't like my music so they all didn't know dbsk or other bands. My sister use to go to concerts with me (like moi dix mois) but that's it. I try to make some listen to them but...didn't work. So I give up.

  • uhm, I have 2 friends who are into asian music, but they don't really like dbsk as much as I do, they prefer suju XD but in general, my friends tend to say "oh no, not that asian music again" whenever I'm on youtube or put music on... lol. but my dad likes them XD or, he's listening to them and watching some of the videos of them, so he knows what I mean when I talk about them...

  • most of my friends are sick and tired of me, because I'm talking about asian music,movies etc all the time XD But it doesnt matter to me, because my best friend also likes asian music ^^ So I'm not the only one :D
    But my parents... oh... they are racists... especially my dad. He hate when I wach asian dramas or listen "strange" music. So I have to keep it in secret that I listen asian music all the time :(

    So my parents don't know about DBSK... but I'm really happy, coz I found out that one of my frinds really like "Love in the ice" and she have to listen to it everyday in school XD Buuuuut.... There's one girl in my class which I really hate, because when we were listening this song aloud she came and took my cell phone and started yelling that we're listening a shitty music and I thought she's going to break my phone. ough. I was so angry right then :< I thought I'm gonna beat her :<

  • ^ I'm sorry to here that about your parents, it must be awkward not being able to openly listen to Asian music!!! =(
    I hope things change.

    I think a girl I know likes them. But I don't really wanna speak to her much anyway.

  • Out of my group of friends I have two friends that like DBSK.

    Sadly niether are in as deep as me. D:

    One mostly just listens to their music and then stops her fandom there, though she is quite partial to Jaejoong.
    And my other friend is more into them personally along with the music, though it's mostly because I keep sending her videos and fanfictions with them. But it's ONLY when I send them to her, she doesn't do much of her own free will. >.>;;

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Jul 2008, 10:52
    None of my offline friends even know I listen to Korean/Japanese music.
    But they have seen wallpaper of Changmin on my PC. Some of them think hes hot.
    lol...well he is :D
    One of my friends saw a picture of Jae during Rising Sun period. She thought he was an anime Character XD

    • MS_59 said...
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    • 30 Jul 2008, 00:25
    Well, my sister and a friend like them, but not because i introduced them to DBSK

  • Well right now I just have and offline friend who likes them as deeply as me, Now i'm trying to make my sister love them XD I'm still in progress

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 14 Nov 2008, 00:07
    None of my offline friends is listen to them. One friend just try her best to remember who is who, specially she knows I like Super Junior and many others too XD
    But she has gotten better but she she doesn't listen to them. She just watched two Videos with me and was like: they sound not bad. But that was it.

    My sister is the same, some songs she likes, but she never listen that much. But I have online friends who are love them as much as I do and that is better than nothing =) And one Penpal at least (and I make one penpal listen to them XDDD). He was suprised when I burned him music of them and wrote, he should try them out. And he liked them so he wanted all I have <3<3<3

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 22 Nov 2008, 03:47
    yes, but not like me ... I and my friends have very different tastes :/sad
    but all my friends think they are so hot.... XD
    I listen very DBSK, then my mom like them so much LOL she really like junsu, because him laugh and charisma 8D

  • ermm,
    i'd say some of them but not really a hardcore fan,
    not many though,
    still most of them prefer western like jonas brother,good charlotte, rihanna, etc.

  • hm....
    i only have one friend in school;
    and another [kinda,, but only coz of jaejoong~]
    but i have another friend who likes big bang;;
    tbh theres not many asians in my school who likes k pop, [or asian music in general]
    there people in my chinese school who does,, but not many >.<

  • Well if little sister (♥ ) counts as friend, then yes xD She's the one who introduced me to their music.

    • Naiifen said...
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    • 31 Mar 2009, 21:27
    I converted my two best friends. They're crazily addicted to them now. XDD I'm awesome. >8D

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