Visual art at CSL (contains pics!)

  • Visual art at CSL (contains pics!)

    In this thread I´d like to present pieces of "Space Art" from time to time.
    In those artists have cast their imagination of "Space", "Ambient" ect into pictures, just as musicians shape it into sounds.
    Please feel free to share your thoughs, link to art you recommend, or show pics here - but not too big ones please.
    I´ll try to keep the pics as small as possible, but loading this thread may take a little longer.


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  • Today a work of a young polish artist, Marta Dahlig. Not real space art, but certainly out of this world and well worth to be checked out at her gallery at: deviantArt

    Alternate Reality

    byBeatminister :) -To artists page

    Earth, 5 billion years ago

    byBeatminister :) -To artists page

    Mars Antelopes

    by gorillix - To artists page


    by elysi0n - To artists page

    Legion Of Fire

    by Gigantor - To artists page

    Fire Water War and Peace

    by Cybergooch - To artists page

    Gillianis Nebula

    by casperium - To artists page

    Previously shown art:

    Planet X, by_gonedigital
    Ritelgin, by hoevelkamp
    London Tower, by phyzer
    Time Warp, by Brokenwings3d
    Revolt, by rotemlo
    CapN Jack Sparrow, by phoenixelement
    Rage over Babylon, by ZivCG

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  • Cool stuff. The London Bridge one is quite thought provoking- makes me think of global warming. I like Revolt a lot as well, but I'm not sure why.

  • Yes, the flooded Tower Bridge is part of several works by Phyzer that deal with visions of the future.
    I agree, Revolt is somehow weird. Although it only shows a couple of webcams it gives you the eerie feeling that they all look at you. And not in a friendly way somehow...

  • totally dig the FireWaterWP man! Alternate reality is a good visual too ther- DEr Beat. But yah, anything flooded--like the space needle or 2012earth changes to the coasts R always trippy...

    • guthorm said...
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    • 13 Jun 2007, 14:50

    Daniele Scerra Arts

    Daniele Scerra is the electric bass & guitar player of The Wimshurst's Machine. He is alsso a very talented artist (in both 3D and traditional styles). He's sspecially known in Italy and Germany (cover arts of Mondadori edition science fiction books, etc.) and also won a prize as Spectrum Artist 2006. An example of his "space" art is in one of the Time Traveller arts:

    He has LOTS more on his website:

    Enjoy! :-)

    • guthorm said...
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    • 13 Jun 2007, 14:53

    Augusto Chiarle's art

    This is instead my own "space" art, a studio cover for our album Freedom Lights of my band (I did work into advertising and cconcept-art, in past):

    Hope you like it! :-)

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