• Future Signal - Fortress / Surveillance | Mindtech recordings

    21 Mar 2012, 14:19 by mindtech

    London trio Future Signal need no introduction. They are widely known and respected for the consistency & quality of their releases, which are eagerly awaited by hoards of dnb heads. Continuing in this vein, Mindtech are pleased to add these two new tracks to their catalogue. Fortress is a funky neuro track that will whip up a storm on any dancefloor, whilst, on the flipside, Surveillance ups the tempo and rocks a round, metallic groove. A 100% vibes release, fully stamped and approved by Future Signal.


    Future Signal - Fortress / Surveillance - MTRD003 by Mindtech Recordings


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  • Myselor - Alive EP | Mindtech recordings

    6 Mar 2012, 09:23 by mindtech

    Greece is boiling with agitation, and so is Myselor ! The young Athens native Greek producer has already shown an undeniable virtuosity on his debut EP released on Mindtech. From the very first listen, you can feel that Myselor is in his chosen field with this precise and rich sound: acid, bouncy, and groovy Neurofunk. Good Mindtech supply !


    Myselor "Alive EP" - MTRDEP026 by Mindtech Recordings


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  • Landscapers - Superpunk EP | Mindtech recordings

    3 Jan 2012, 21:17 by mindtech

    Are there still any talented D&B producers in Western Europe ? For those who would need a proof -- and for all the other listeners ! -- Mindtech HQ immediately advise the listening of 'Superpunk' EP, from the brilliant Landscapers.

    This EP is the outcome of a long term job, which let him enough time to take care over the building of every single tune, so that each element can find its place. The result: 4 complementary pieces, for a neuro-explosive Superpunk EP, to be enjoyed in your iPod or on the dancefloor !

    The very singularity of Landscapers' work, is the strong care he provides to the melodies, perfectly fitting the rhythm section of every of his tracks. In 'Arachnoise', first:
    « I love to put an orchestral touch on my tracks, it links real instruments with electronic elements and it brings a curious feel to the song. 'Arachnoise' is a good exemple. In 'Battle AXE', I particularly enjoyed using the Alto violin! »

    'Superpunk' gives all its meaning back to the funk side of neuro. 'Superpunk' is super funk, the electronic breath along !
    « I aimed to build unexpected drops and surprising melodies. Recorded and over-sampled slap bass sound. »

    The ethereal electro sound of 'So Magical' isn't hiding the broken dynamic of the tune for a very long time :
    « It is one of my hardest project so far. I remember having switched from one to another software only because the mixdown sounded bad! Still, 'So Magical' is a very personal tune... »

    You've now certainly understood that 'Superpunk' EP is already a must-have of your forthcoming playlists !


    Landscapers “Superpunk EP” - MTRDEP025 by MINDTECH RECORDINGS


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  • Mindtech Podcast 015 | Safire

    16 Dec 2011, 14:25 by mindtech

    Mindtech Podcast
    015 mixed by Safire

    RSS Feed

    1. Octane, DLR & Survival- The Others (Dispatch dub)
    2. Icicle – Nausea (Shogun)
    3. Bazil – Dark Impulses (Ingredients)
    4. Safire & Borderline – Rebellion (Dispatch dub)
    5. Cain Mos – Supernova (Mindtech dub)
    6. Disphonia – Collapsed (M-Atome dub)
    7. Cern, Dose, Menace & Teknik – Lurch (Project 51)
    8. Chris Su ft. Mira of Plastic Heaven – Higher (Subtitles dub)
    9. Safire – Consciousness (Mindtech dub)
    10. Ulterior Motive – Divergence (Critical)
    11. State Of Play – Poor man’s deal (Konflict Rmx) (Aspect)
    12. Icicle – Full Moon (Shogun dub)
    13. Octane & DLR – Back in the grind (Cern & Dabs Rmx) (Dispatch)
    14. Safire – The Source (Mindtech)
    15. Chris SU – F.A.T.E (Subtitles dub)
    16. State Of Mind & Nymfo – Roxy (Commercial Suicide)
    17. Nvader – Blitzrieg (Mindtech dub)
    18. Corrupt Souls – Skyclad (Disturbed)
    19. Dabs & Safire – Time Carrier (Dispatch dub)
    20. Nerologik – Illusion (Mindtech dub)
    21. Audio – Abyss (Virus)
    22. Safire – Dark Moments (Mindtech)

  • L 33 - Step Ahead LP | Mindtech recordings

    15 Nov 2011, 14:11 by mindtech

    How could we describe L 33 ? We should say first he is a very young producer, hailing from Bulgaria. At only 17, he's already an unequalled promising new name in D&B.
    Mindtech has always had the same motto: a true artist must be able to surprise. And in the space of a few months, in a small number of releases, L 33 has already amazed us.

    In front of such a talent, we didn't have any choice but to support him for a complete long play. A first for Mindtech Recordings. From the techiest neurofunk dancefloor sound to some deep rollin beats, you're going to love these nine D&B, completed by 1 Dubstep tunes.

    The name of the album contains its very substance: STEP AHEAD !


    L 33 “Step Ahead LP” - MTRDLP04


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  • C.A.B.L.E. - Mental Atmosphere - LuvDisaster

    25 Oct 2011, 21:21 by luvdisaster

    Mental Atmosphere
    Cat. N. LUV035

    A1. C.A.B.L.E. – Mental Atmosphere (Original Mix)
    A2. C.A.B.L.E. – Fourteen88 (Original Mix)
    B1. C.A.B.L.E. – The Manta (Original Mix)
  • Cruel Culture "Impulse EP" | Mindtech recordings

    19 Sep 2011, 10:57 by mindtech

    When Mindtech turns out deep, it’s for Cruel Culture, and you’ll inevitably feel its groove !

    Impulse EP ranks directly apart from the other releases of the imprint. Melodic, atmospheric, deep… it explores step-by-step four facets of the German Cruel Culture‘s musical universe: dark bass line of Constant with ethereal synths, swaying melody of Proteus straight out of a dream, the metallic cybergroove of Impulse, or the very cinematic Incarnation.

    It’s deep. It’s lively. So let this superb Impulse EP hypnotize and surprise you. The more you listen, the more you love it…


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    Sale of the digital release @ all other online stores including BEATPORT & ITUNES will start from September 22th.

  • Mindtech Podcast 014 | Disphonia

    7 Sep 2011, 14:55 by mindtech

    Mindtech Podcast
    014 mixed by Disphonia

    RSS Feed

    1. Prolix and Dose – No one else (Uprising dub)
    2. Maztek and Grotesque – Straight To bad (Icarus Audio dub)
    3. Future Signal – Antimatter (Jade rmx) (Paperfunk dub)
    4. Disphonia – Collapsed (M-atome dub)
    5. Ed rush and Optical – Chubrub (Virus)
    6. Cain Mos – Supernova (Mindtech dub)
    7. Nerologik – Bushido (Mindtech dub)
    8. Zero Method – Rising Man (Fallout dub)
    9. L33 – Warped Time (Mindtech dub)
    10. Kantyze – Morph Ghost (M-atome dub)
    11. D – Iolax – No crime (Mindtech)
    12. Maztek – Breakdown VIP (Icarus Audio dub)
    13. Jade and Mindscape – Banshee (Dose rmx) (Eatbrain dub)
    14. Neonlight – The Frozen Tape (Trust in music dub)
    15. Hybris and Presence Known – Absolute Power (Blackout)
    16. Noisia – The Distance (Subtitles)
    17. Rido – Breeze (free track)
    18. Wintermute – Cell Cycle (Trust in music dub)
    19. Getz – Silent Galaxy (C4C)
    20. Rregula – Where Am I (Shadybrain)
    21. Rregula and NME Click – Mirror (Mindtech dub)
    22. Stakka and Skynet – Nightlore (Underfire)
    23. Alvin Risk (Telemetrik) feat Bulletproof – One (Black Sun Empire)

  • D-iolax "Come Back EP" | Mindtech recordings

    27 Aug 2011, 16:08 by mindtech

    Introducing D_iolax… Mindtech is proud to present the duo straight out of Ukraine, that have proved once more that the east are ready to take over!!

    With the “Come Back EP”, Mindtech delivers 4 tracks of 100% D-iolax power & a remix of the famous “Neuro Locust” by The Chiller.

    The whole EP is edge out with incredible maturity for such young talents, showing a unique style & a well established genera. Get ready to be mesmerised by the abstract beats filed with old industrial sounds!!

    Pay attention to the collaboration with Moscovite Paperclip for a epic track between old skool samples & neuro avant garde attitude.

    To be followed & not to be missed!!


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    Sale of the digital release @ all other online stores including BEATPORT & ITUNES will start from September 1st.

  • Optiv “Stereotype” / Rregula “Gravitron” – MINDTECH001

    5 Jul 2011, 12:24 by mindtech


    After two years of intense activity and many digital releases more than well supported, Mindtech sets the pace with its first vinyl release !

    Another important milestone for us, as for the artists whom we trust.

    Another chapter is beginning. A new step in the goal we still will reach: leaving our mark on the Neuro-Techstep scene.

    And new chapter means new codename ! In addition to Mindtech’s digital catalog (ref. cat.: MTRD), you will soon find a new imprint: “Mindtech LTD” (ref. cat.: MINDTECH). Always with the sharp and furiously rollin’ sounds which have been making up Mindtech’s usual success throughout the years.

    And for the occasion, Mindtech gives a big blow !

    A-Side: OptivStereotype. Here comes Optiv among the Mindtech crew. For this special opportunity, he provides the epic “Stereotype”. More than a simple dance-floor tune: a Neurofunk masterpiece !

    B-side: RregulaGravitron. We couldn’t have asked for better with the Australian Rregula and its devastating “Gravitron”. A crazy carousel born near Perth: a true giant twister which will make your head spin and lift listeners up into the air at full-speed, sticking them to their seats.

    Take a deep breath, fasten your sea-belts and letʼs go for a ride: straight to the dance-floor !

    DJ Support: Jade, Mindscape, BTK, Octane & DLR, Nickbee, Future Signal, Neonlight, Axi, Paperclip, Kantyze, Zero Method, and many more…


    Triple Vision
    Chemical Records
    Red Eye Records
    Juno Records


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