Spanish Communist Ska/Punk Bands?

  • Spanish Communist Ska/Punk Bands?

    Can anyone help me find any ?

    Only ones i got are Ska-P, The Locos, and Boikot

  • Eina

    There is a nice band from Catalunya called Eina that translated means Tool. I think they only have one album called L'art de la guerra but it kind of reminds me to RATM. Cheers xD

  • what about ^^
    thats the only one from spain i know^^ i know some more russian/german ones like
    44Leningrad or Apparatschik

    And the strike of the night will trash the skyline...
    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 10 May 2012, 11:31
    Maybe "Sin Papeles" are commies, but i don't are sure.

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