Command and Conquer 4

  • Command and Conquer 4

    Please tell me they're other people who agree with me that this was the worst Command and Conquer game ever released. I remember when I bought it when it first came out and I literally forced Gamestop to give me back my money (you can't return pc games). What a bad game to a great series...

  • You know why this topic never got any replies? Because everybody reads "C&C 4" - and can't be bothered to find out more ;)
    It sucks beyond my ability to describe it.

    Unholy evil Prophets rise
    Fire is raining from the endless Skies
    Can you hear the final Thunder roaring?

  • It's not that bad for what it is, which is a decent strategy game with very little to do with Command & Conquer.

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