Colorful pic

  • Colorful pic

    I like any colorful and positive pics. Such pics can reflects my mood:))

    Such like this one...

    [url= nofollow=yes][IMG]

    What's your fave pics? :))

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 3 Jan 2011, 03:34
    Huh, i don't really have a favorite pic. but the pictures I like tend to be dark with bright color accents :3 There was a picture in our Spanish textbook, of a painting by some famous modern Spanish painter, t hat I really liked. I kept staring at it for a few days haha. It was swirls of dark with deep red outbursts in places and it made me feel so good! but sadly I've lost the name. :\ If i ever find what its called I will post again

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